Me & Mine | May 2017

After years of not taking any family photos, it’s nice that we’ve got a growing collection of pictures of all five of us. This month, we actually managed to take a couple. I’m trying to get into the habit of chucking my tripod into the boot of the car when we go out so we take even more – I don’t think you can ever have too many pictures!

This first one was taken in the bluebell woods at Aber Falls. I had forgotten my camera, so balanced the camera on a tree stump. Possibly not the most flattering of angles, but that’s not the point of a family photo. It was an amazing day out!

The second one was at Penrhyn Bay beach. We’d not been here before, but we heard there were some good rock pools there, which the kids wanted to have a look at and explore.

There’s an extra couple in this month’s post. My family came up to Wales to stay with us over the bank holiday weekend. My dad always manages to get a few family selfies, so I’ve nicked them off his Facebook to share with you. We also got one of us on the beach. We took the ashes of Freddie and Kai to Talacre beach, where they always had lots of fun on holiday. My dad wrote their names in the sand and scattered their ashes over it. It was quite emotional watching the waves come in and carry them away, but it was also a really lovely moment knowing they are finally free.

Rachel has been loving:

  • Having everyone here over bank holiday
  • Sunny, hot days
  • Strawberry gin and chocolate tonic
  • Kim’s hen-do weekend
  • Getting a suntan

Graham has been loving:

  • His new clothes and trainers from Jacamo (review soon!)
  • Being asked to be an usher at my brother’s wedding
  • Eating dinner in the garden
  • Bank holiday
  • Beer gardens

The kids have been loving:

  • Seeing nanny and grandad for two weekends in a row
  • Riding bikes and scooters to school
  • Eating dinner in the garden
  • Playing in the arcades
  • Being allowed lemonade at the pub!


2 thoughts on “Me & Mine | May 2017”

  1. Looks like yo had a wonderful May plenty of FUNand happy memories

  2. Ahh so many fun family adventures here. So beautiful and look at that nice weather you got to enjoy too. Happy June ahead. #meandmineproject

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