Me & Mine | April 2017

I can’t believe that this is our fourth month of joining in with the Me & Mine Project – we are finally starting to have a little collection of family photos.

It’s been a strange month. We’ve had the Easter holidays, which were, on the whole lovely. We managed to go the beach for picnics and went back to Birmingham for a week. Graham also got himself a new job, with much better hours, so we have the weekends to do things together as a family again.

Of course, as always, our photo has been taken on the beach. It just makes the perfect backdrop! You can probably guess from our faces that we were absolutely freezing!

Graham has been loving:

  • His new job (in a bakery!)
  • The beginning of the F1 Season
  • Finishing the decorating in the lounge

I’ve been loving:

  • Billions (Damien Lewis…mmmmm)
  • Aston Villa beating Birmingham City in the derby…GET IN!!
  • Getting fitter
  • Trying on and ordering bridesmaid dresses for Life of an Auntie and Mum’s wedding in October

Harrison has been loving:

  • His new outfit
  • Going back to school
  • Learning to ride his bike with no stabilisers
  • Easter Eggs

Alex has been loving:

  • Seeing his best friend Holly after two whole weeks apart
  • Rolling down sand dunes
  • Zootropolis
  • Riding his bike

Benjamin has been loving:

  • Seeing Nanny and Grandad
  • Ellie
  • Snails
  • Seeing the cows in the field on the school run


The Me and Mine Project

4 thoughts on “Me & Mine | April 2017”

  1. Love this, you really do all look just a little bit chilly! It’s such a nice thing to do though isn’t it, making the effort to take a family photo each month. This is the first year I’ve stuck with it this long and I’m so happy about it! x

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