Lighting Options For Your Kids’ Rooms

There are always so many articles out there about the best home lighting options for your interior design. But so few focus on the best lighting for our little ones’ rooms. These spaces need light too, but there are specific options on the market that are better suited to children’s needs. If you are nifty at DIY, you can put in most sorts of lighting yourself – just to remember to turn off the main power source and wear sibille-safe gloves from a website like Unigloves to protect your hands from electric currents. Otherwise, call in a professional electrician to do the work for you.

Smart Lighting

Every parent is familiar with the rigmarole surrounding getting their kids to sleep. It seems like as soon as you put them to bed, they’re back up and trying to turn the lights on to be able to play with their toys. You’ll be relieved to know that there is an answer to this problem. Consider smart home lighting. This incorporates the lighting in your home into an automated an automated system, where lights can be shut off from remote locations elsewhere in the property. You can also incorporate options such as dimming, which will subconsciously slowly prepare your little ones for sleep as the evening progresses.

Night Lights

Chances are that you had a night light of sorts when you were younger. Believe it or not, they’re still on the market today. They truly have stood the test of time. Why? Well, they’re extremely effective at what they do. Night lights are designing for children who are scared of the dark. This is one of the most common childhood fears out there. There’s only so much you can do to convince your kids that there aren’t monsters lying in wait under their bed and that they are safe in their rooms once the lights are turned out. A night light gives a subtle glow that will comfort your child, allowing them to see around them, but not providing too bright for them to nod off. Invest in lights that are specifically designed for night time use. These will create the right ambiance for your little one to sleep comfortably.

Alternative Lights

Now, there are all sorts of standardised lamps out there on the market. They do the job of giving any living space a small boost of light when needs be, giving the room a warm glow. But why settle for something so standard in your children’s rooms when there are so many fun alternatives on the market? Consider lava lamps. These fun creations will keep your kids mesmerised, as the blobs of “lava” float up and down. No matter what colour scheme your little ones room is, there will be a lava lamp out there to match. For those whose kids like a little more sparkle in their life, there are glitter lamps. If you want to go all out, you could even consider oil wheels which will splash psychedelic light prints across the walls, soothing your little ones with slowly moving motions and ambient colours.

As you can see, lighting your children’s spaces doesn’t have to be dull – it can be a fun and functional project. So, consider some of these options and incorporate them into your design!

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