Kingsbury Water Park

Now that we finally have a car, we are making the most of the half decent weather we have had lately, and taken the kids on a few days out. One of these was to Kingsbury Water Park.

We spent a lot of time at Kingsbury a couple of summers ago because it is such a fab day out, so as soon as we got the car, we knew that was one of the first places we were going to go. We loaded the scooters and kids into the car and off we went.

The park is a little bit in the middle of nowhere, so you do need to drive there. Car parking is just £3.50 for the entire day, and if you have taken a picnic, there is nothing else to pay, making it a very cheap day out.

The first thing we did when we got there was go on the miniature railway. Harrison loved this when we went before, so we couldn’t wait to take him on it now he is older. Alex was Ben’s age when we last went, so it was pretty much a new experience to him. The railway is free for under 2’s, and just £2 return each for everyone else. It runs for a two kilometre stretch through the park, and is a brilliant experience. We loved watching out for the gnomes and alligators by the side of the track. Harrison had the chance to wave the flag to let the driver know he could leave the station!

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By this point, it was almost lunchtime so we headed to the tearooms by the entrance to the park. Usually, we would take a picnic but we decided to have a treat and have something from there, which is hindsight was a bit of a mistake – it was rammed. We managed to get a seat, but our food took almost 45 minutes to come. The prices are okay – you always expect to pay more in places like this! I had a cream tea, Graham had a hot pork  baguette and the kids had little lunch boxes which came with half a ham sandwich, a yoghurt, a chocolate bar, lollipop and a carton of ribena.

After lunch, we bough a bag of the duck food from the gift shop and went and fed the ducks and geese. Kingsbury Water Park has fifteen lakes and ponds, so there are ducks everywhere!

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A bit further into the park there was an area set up with bouncy castles and slides. The boys love bouncy castles, so we paid for them to have twenty minutes on there. Harrison loved the slide, Alex screamed when he got off, which surprised us. Usually Alex is the fearless one out of the two of them!

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We then had a wander through the park. It is absolutely massive so we probably didn’t even manage half of it! We walked through the woods, down little trails, and had a quick stop at the jet ski shed for a coffee and to watch the jet skis in action.

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The nice thing about Kingsbury is that even if it is really busy (as it was when we went), it is so big that it never feels busy or crowded. The play area, which we made a very fleeting visit to just before we left gets busy, but everywhere else is so lovely and peaceful – it’s easy to forget you’re right by Tamworth!

If you are looking for a cheap day out in the summer, I definitely recommend Kingsbury Water Park.

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