How to Create a Christmas Eve Box for your Children

The concept of the Christmas Eve box has exploded in popularity in recent years, and it is a great way to give your child a fun (and calming) activity to enjoy before the big day, as well as keeping the spirit of Christmas giving alive. The Christmas Eve box is effectively a box full of goodies (many of them useful and practical) that you give to your child for them to use on Christmas Eve.

Why not add a little extra magic and sparkle to your children’s life by creating a special Christmas eve box just for them? Here are some great ideas for things to put inside:


New pyjamas, slippers and a dressing gown are a great gift for the Christmas Eve box, especially if they have a festive design. Giving your child new pyjamas will ensure that your child looks great for the photos you take on Christmas morning, and will build their excitement to get in bed and get ready for Father Christmas! Why not include a new soft toy with their bedtime pack too? Soft toys are great comforters in the evening, and most children love having a new cuddly animal to snuggle up to in bed.

Reindeer Dust

You can make a sachet of reindeer dust yourself, and it is a fun addition to the box that all kids will love. Mix edible glitter with oats and place in a pot or packet for your child to sprinkle all over the lawn. The oats will twinkle in the moonlight, creating a runway so that Santa can see where he needs to land.

Christmas Themed Colouring or Busy Books

Do you want your children to enjoy a little calming quiet time before they go off to bed? Include a colouring book, some fun Christmas stickers, and a brand-new packet of pens or crayons too. Your kids will sit down and enjoy their activities will you enjoy the peace and quiet!

A New Family DVD or Board Game

The best thing about Christmas Eve is getting to spend some quality time together as a family. Why not add a new family DVD or board game to your children’s Christmas Eve box so that you have something new and exciting you can all enjoy together? You can also add popcorn, sweets, or any other favourite snacks to enhance the feeling of cosy family fun.

A Letter from Santa

Finally, do you want to let your child know that they’ve made it onto Santa’s nice list and can look forward to a present or two waiting under the tree on Christmas morning? Then why not include a letter from Santa or one of his elves in their Christmas Eve box!

Don’t Forget The Photos

Christmas Eve is a magical evening, so take plenty of photos.

If you’re keen for your children to clean their rooms before they go to bed (to help make space for their new toys) then Father Christmas could always mention that he can’t wait to see how clean their bedrooms are – you’ll be amazed at how fast they’ll get everything packed away.

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How to Create a CHristmas Eve Box For Your Children

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