Hop to It – Why We All Need A Soft Bunny to Cuddle

Children love a snuggle with a cute and fluffy toy, it makes them feel safe, secure and content. Many become attached to their soft toy, cuddling up to it in bed, talking to it when they’re unsure, setting up imaginary tea-parties and school lessons that can be shared (of course other soft toys are invited to, but there’s often one special fluffy friend that gets the most attention).

If you’re looking for a special friend for your little one then look no further than a soft toy character from the tales of Beatrix Potter. These wonderfully traditionally tales transport us to a magical world of mischievous rabbits who enjoy nothing more than helping themselves to a juicy carrot or two from Mr McGregor’s veggie garden. Where else could you meet a domesticated hedgehog, a gullible duck and a fox that regularly gets outfoxed? Peter Rabbit soft toys and the other cuddly characters from the series will really bring the tales to life.


Soft toys also come with other benefits, they can help your child in many ways, obviously they provide comfort, but they can also help your youngster to gain confidence, identify and better understand emotions, develop social skills and improve their language skills.

As your child becomes more attached to their special friend (It’s the one that accompanies your little one on holidays and sleepovers, and tags along on days out at the park), then you will agonise over it a little bit more. What on earth will happen if it gets lost? We watch their soft toy pal like a hawk and dread the moment we hear our child cry out “I can’t find my best friend!”

Not Just for Kids

Whilst we understand the many benefits soft toys hold for children, we should not forget that as adult we’re entitled to a hug too! Bad day at work, bad news on the TV, lots of chores making you feel blue – some days you just want to revert to your childhood, to have simple fun without the worries of the world on your shoulders.

There will be days when you don’t feel as confident or have been faced with challenges you don’t feel like you have been able to conquer. On these days cuddling a soft toy could be just the therapy you need!  If you’re feeling low or stressed out forget a glass of wine or fattening cream cake, look for some comfort from your fluffy friend instead. If you’re having trouble sleeping you could even try snuggling up next to your soft toy – why not? It works for children so it must be worth a go? Especially if you’ve tried other remedies and are desperate need of some shut eye.

If you’re not comfortable with cuddling up next to Peter Rabbit soft toys you can still dot them around your room. This could be particularly comforting if you are familiar with the Peter Rabbit tales, perhaps someone special read them to you when you were a child and they bring back fond memories of time spent with loved ones?

As grown-ups we tend to lose our childlike ways, we feel we don’t have time for pursuits that once made us happy. Responsibility kicks in and we feel that we should be weeding the garden, fixing the car, chopping veggies for tea or paying a bill. No time to reminisce about times gone by, there’s a mountain of ironing that needs to be scaled. But isn’t a pity that we can’t find time for the magic of childhood wonder now and again? After all ironing mountain can be conquered another day!

Rediscover Your Childhood

Vow to make a change, rediscover childlike fun, it’s fine to be frivolous sometimes, hey jump on the bed if it makes you feel happy (just watch your head on the ceiling)! Read a book, rediscover books from your childhood, simple, heart-warming tales from the likes of Beatrix Potter can really lift your spirits. Share the tales with your children, and if you don’t have children of your own don’t let that stop you! Read to a niece or nephew, a godchild or a friend’s son or daughter. Laugh at things like you used to and embrace that child within. At the end of the day go and give your soft cuddly toy a big hug, it might actually do the trick and remind you that things are going to be okay.


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