How to Get Silky Smooth Summer Legs

I’m a bit lazy when it comes to removing the hair on my legs. In the winter, well, it just doesn’t really happen (grim, I know!) and in the summer, it does tend to be a quick drag of the razor down my legs. I used to be pretty naff at it – missing my ankles and cutting my legs to shreds, but I’ve pretty much managed to get it down to one of those quick in the shower jobs now. I’ve realised the importance of having a good razor  and using a quality shaving cream or conditioner (trust me it works – and usually smells nicer!).

Obviously, shaving isn’t the only way to get silky smooth legs. It’s my preferred method because it’s one of the cheapest and painless, but it does mean doing it regularly. If you’re looking to get silky smooth summer legs, Beauty Pros have created this useful infographic to help you decide on the best way for you.

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