First Cup of Tea #MySundayPhoto

This week has been one of chaos, surrounded by cardboard boxes and piles of stuff. This photo was taken in one of the very rare calm moments of the week, looking out at the sunset from the front window of our new home. The kids were outside exploring their new garden, and Graham was out getting dinner. It was at that moment, whilst drinking that first cup of tea, that it felt like home.

First cup of tea in the new house


9 thoughts on “First Cup of Tea #MySundayPhoto

  1. Aw this is just lovely. Such a simple photo and I can feel every bit of emotion, love those moments of calm! I hope you are all really happy in your new home! Have a lovely Sunday x


  2. You are so right. The first proper cup of tea in a new house is when it begins to feel like home. I’m so glad you’ve started to settle and I raise my coffee mug to many great memories and happy times in your new house!

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