Best Friends #MySundayPhoto

“We’ll be friends forever won’t we, Pooh?’ asked Piglet.

“Even longer” Pooh answered

Winnie the Pooh


Most of us can remember our first best friend. I bet a lot of us are still in contact with them, especially with the help of Facebook. Whether you’re still in touch or not, there’s no friendship quite like that first one.

I dropped Harrison off at his first day of nursery, and like every other parent, came home wondering if he would make friends. I needn’t have worried. He came running out of that classroom telling me excitedly about his new friend, Luke. Since that day, almost two years ago, Harrison and Luke have been firm friends.

I’m really lucky that I can consider Luke’s mum as one of my close friends now – good job really as I think these two will be inseparable for the next 6 or so years…and hopefully longer!


5 thoughts on “Best Friends #MySundayPhoto

  1. How sweet, my girls have friends they’ve know since the day they were born. It’s a special bond.

    Thank you for linking up

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