Exploring the Seashore

A couple of weeks ago, we were down on the beach (no surprises there!) when we found some starfish which had been washed up and left along the prom wall to dry out. The kids were really fascinated to look closely at them and it started off a new interest in sea creatures. We promised to take them out at the next opportunity to explore some rock pools – something we haven’t actually done since we’ve been here.

Armed with the ‘Explore the Seashore’ kit from Green Board Games, we headed to Penrhyn Bay beach, which we knew had some rock pools. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the tide had just gone out, making it perfect rock pooling conditions.

They clambered over the rocks with their dad to find the pools that were more sheltered, where we thought they would find the more interesting creatures. They had the handy little identification cards so that they could find out more about what they caught. One scoop of the plastic magnifier container swept up a tiny little jellyfish which wasn’t visible from where they were standing. They were enthralled by the translucent little thing floating around in the water!

We moved onto the shallower and more exposed pools. We found lots of seaweed and even more jellyfish, including this rather sizeable (and hard to photograph!) one. We talked about how jellyfish can be poisonous and that we shouldn’t touch them, as well as making sure that the children knew we had to put them back where we found them.

Other than a little sea snail, which Benjamin loved – he’s obsessed with snails at the moment – we didn’t find much else in the pools, but the kids had a lot of fun looking. The kit was really useful for seeing things a bit closer and Harrison enjoyed writing down what we found in the little notebook that is included.

The kit is available to buy from Amazon for £12.00 and is perfect for days on the beach.

*We were sent this product for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are our own. Contains affiliate links. 

Exploring the seashore with kids

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  1. I love visiting the seaside, I come back with so many pebbles and shells !

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