Elizabeth: One Week

I can’t believe Elizabeth is now a week old! It’s gone so quickly, but at the same time, it’s felt like she’s been here forever.

We came home late Monday afternoon, which was earlier than expected. She passed all of her blood sugar tests and fed like a trooper, so they discharged us pretty quickly. Graham brought the boys up to meet her in the morning, and they were completely taken with her.

She has been an absolute dream of a baby so far – without a doubt, the most chilled out and content one of them all, which I’m obviously hoping will stay that way! She feeds beautifully – every three hours or so which is pretty good going for a breastfed baby, and the same through the night. She is quite happy to have her feed and a quick cuddle and go back to sleep, although she won’t sleep in her crib at all. I don’t mind that too much – I was fully expecting to bedshare (following all the bedsharing guidelines, of course)and if she did sleep in her crib that would be a bonus. Because she sleeps so well, I generally feel pretty good!

The boys absolutely adore her, as we knew they would. They are always asking to hold her, they peek into her Moses basket when she is in there during the day, and Harrison loves reading to her. She’s got everyone completely wrapped around her teeny-tiny fingers.

She was weighed by the midwife on Thursday and had only lost 3% of her birth weight. Breastfed babies usually lose 7-10% so I was pretty pleased with that. She took to feeding so well – we have had no issue with latching and certainly no problems when it comes to a good supply!

My mom came up on Wednesday to stay for a few days. We went out in the morning before she got here to have some breakfast and then for a walk along the prom at Colwyn Bay. It was our first outing, and I wanted to get that first public feed done and out of the way. I generally don’t care at all about feeding her in front of people, but that first one is always a little daunting. It was fine! When my mom got here, we went for a wander around Rhyl. There was one moment where she was screaming because she needed a bum change, and I could feel myself getting a bit hot and stressed, but other than that, our first trip out was pretty successful.

Thursday was the first day that I felt a little tired. We couldn’t go anywhere until after the midwife came anyway, but I felt like I needed just to be at home and chilling out. My mom took the boys out for a milkshake and play on the beach so they didn’t get bored, while we spent the day napping and getting to know each other.

Friday was a lovely day! We put her in her first little outfit – a little dress and a teeny pair of tights with a frilly bum, which soon came off when we realised how hot it was getting. We went into Llandudno for a wander around, before heading to the midwives for her heel prick test. After dinner, we went over to our local beach. Mom, Graham and the boys went into the arcades, while I sat on the front with Elizabeth. I had a hot chocolate from one of the kiosks and sat cuddling and feeding her while watching the sunset – it was a pretty magical moment! She slept so well that night – the fresh air obviously really agreed with her.

On Saturday, my dad came up with the dogs. It was also the day of the Rhyl airshow, which is always a great day out. We did have a bit of a panic – what on earth do you dress a newborn in when there is a heatwave? We put her in one of her lovely dresses, which she looked gorgeous in, and it was nice and cool. We also realised we didn’t have a parasol for the pram, so it was straight on to Amazon to order one! We went to the beer garden at a local caravan site, where we spent the afternoon listening to live music, eating burgers and watching the planes. Sunday was pretty much a repeat of Saturday, just in a different beer garden!

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