Elizabeth: Two Months Old

Elizabeth, you’re two months old, and what a two months it has been! It feels like only months ago that you were placed on my chest, all scrawny and tiny. Now you’re a little chunky two-month-old!

We are definitely beginning to get a sense of who you are as a person – strong-willed is a phrase I would use to describe you. What you want, you get, and I really hope that carries on for your whole life. You are generally a calm and content little girl, happy to be cuddled and lie in your basket or on your playmat watching the world around you. You are really alert – your huge blue eyes follow people around the room, and you can really see that you are absorbing it all like a little sponge.

You have the most beautiful smile, one that makes everyone who sees it smile back at you. No one can resist those dimples that you have inherited from Benjamin!! You look more like him with every passing day – and seem to be following in his very determined footsteps!

You are an amazing sleeper – at night, anyway. Daytime naps are harder because you want to be involved in everything and not miss out, but when it comes to nights – well, you follow me in enjoying your sleep. We are down to one feed a night most of the time and you even go into your crib sometimes! While I like having the bed to myself on those nights, I do miss feeling your breath and the cuddles. That’s my favourite part of the day when we are snuggled up in bed together.

At your last weigh-in, at 7.5 weeks, you were 9lb 3oz, which is on the 25th centile. You’re exactly where you are meant to be in terms of your growth, so my boobs, which you seem permanently attached to, are obviously doing something right! The only hiccup we have had so far is a spot of thrush – but cleared up pretty quickly and I think it was worse for me than you!

You are much happier in your pram now we have a carrycot attachment – our £6 charity shop bargain. Your gorgeous iCandy Peach pram has cost us a whopping £56 altogether! You prefer it when we are moving – if I stop, you aren’t very happy, and that appears to be the same with the car. We are going to Birmingham soon so we are all praying you don’t protest at being in the car too much!

You’ve had your eight-week jabs and coped brilliantly. I was worried about them – they’ve changed since Benjamin had his, and I know that quite a few children feel poorly afterward. I was ready and waiting with the Calpol, but you only needed one dose. In fact, I think you were more upset about having Calpol than you were having the actual jabs! Hopefully, your next few will be as easy as those ones.

Your brothers still absolutely adore you, picking you up and cuddling you at any chance. Ben is super proud of you, introducing you as ‘Elizabeth Ffion Megan H*****’ to everyone he comes across and stropping if I won’t let him push your pram. I think you and Harrison are going to have an extra close relationship though – he can settle you with a cuddle and you reserve some of your biggest smiles for him. The first thing he does every morning is come in to say good morning to you, and the last thing he does is kiss you goodnight.

I can’t wait to see what the next month with you brings!

6 thoughts on “Elizabeth: Two Months Old”

  1. She’s so beautiful. The alertness and smiles on her face are so precious.

  2. A really lovely progress update and stunning photos. If that isn’t a winning smile then I don’t know what is. Gorgeous!

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