Don’t Procrastinate on Your Wedding Rentals

Procrastinate means to intentionally put off doing something that you know you should do. When you procrastinate on your wedding rentals, you can cause yourself severe stress and invite major consequences. For example, what happens when you can’t find tables and chairs, lounge furniture or lantern rentals in time for the big day? Here are six steps to sidestepping procrastination so that you can enjoy a stress-free wedding planning experience.

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1. Seek a Professional Specialty Event Design and Rentals Company

Procrastination often creates stress in the procrastinator. To avoid a stressful situation as you plan your wedding, seek out a professional wedding rentals company that provides all the items you need. Renting from a “one-stop-shop” or warehouse significantly reduces your and your partner’s stress. Look for a reputable company that has proven experience, a well-stocked inventory, and client portfolios and testimonials.

2. Lean on Your Rentals Expert

When you work with a professional rentals company, you’re also working with industry experts. Most have considerable experience with weddings and other special occasions, and they are your person to lean on when you’re not sure what you need for your venue and vision. An expert’s knowledge and know-how can save you time and money.

3. Rent Arbors or Backdrops

If you’re getting married in an open or exposed venue such as a meadow or park, you may want to consider renting an arbor or backdrop to create a focal point for your nuptials. These pieces allow you to create a custom setting and a special atmosphere for your big day. Metal arbors and backdrops make ideal canvases for floral creations and adornments.

4. Rent Tables and Chairs

The majority of betrothed couples plan on some kind of sit-down or buffet dining experience for their guests. If you’re planning on a similar experience, rent tables and chairs that accommodate your guests and complement your theme or colors. For example, if you’re going for a country-casual vibe, you might choose to rent trestle tables and folding chairs.

5. Rent Tableware

Once you have your tables and chairs picked out, move on to tableware. Your options include plate settings, serving ware, linens, cake stands and more. Tableware’s a great way to showcase your style. For example, vintage glassware rentals allow you to enhance your tables with color and texture. Cake and dessert displays create an extra wow factor for your guests.

6. Rent Accessories

It’s often the small things that make a wedding memorable. From vases and chalkboards to rugs and poufs, you can infuse your venue with your style with a little imagination. Teepees, typewriters and tins are among some of the more unusual accessories seen at weddings. Whatever you need or want, your rentals company is likely to have or find it!

Get Started on Your Wedding Rentals Today

Ready to embrace stress-free wedding planning? To realize your wedding day vision and secure your arbor, tables and chairs, tableware or lantern rentals, get started today. Follow the steps listed so that you and your partner keep your stress levels low and your spirits high!

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