5 Reasons to Hire an Immigration Attorney

If your family is considering immigrating to the United States or are currently in the country and face deportation, you may need the help of an immigration attorney. In that case, it is critical that you deal with a competent attorney who is familiar with the federal immigration laws in Atlanta.

Here are 5 scenarios in which dealing with an Atlanta immigration lawyer might be beneficial:

Defense Against Deportation

If you’re ever detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, you’ll be glad to have an immigration lawyer on hand. An immigration attorney who has already met with you may already have your information on file, making it considerably easier for them to assist you. 

Immigrating to the United States is an expensive process, and it’s vital to have an immigration lawyer on your side to assist you in getting through it. 

You can trust that an experienced immigration lawyer will be open and honest about your alternatives for resolving your case in an immigration court of law.


If you’ve been denied an immigration benefit, you should immediately seek legal advice from an immigration attorney with a solid reputation. 

In many circumstances, an appeal can be filed within 30 days following the refusal, so do not delay. Begin searching for the best attorney in Atlanta right away.

Applying for Permanent Resident Status

The requirements for obtaining a green card in the United States are constantly changing. As a result, you may have difficulties obtaining a green card or other immigration advantages because of these changes. 

Immigration attorneys always keep up with these developments and can help you analyze all of your alternatives. They assist you in determining if you need any exemptions or whether or not you are qualified to apply for residency in the United States, among other things.  

A qualified Atlanta immigration lawyer will tell you if they feel you should not proceed with your case, and they will be honest with you about this. Before filing for any immigration benefit, you should always speak with a respected immigration attorney.

Request for Asylum

When seeking asylum in the United States, whether it’s because your life is in danger back home or because of political persecution, you should seek the advice of a knowledgeable immigration attorney. 

Political asylum is a highly specialized field of law, with a low success probability in some cases. However, with the help of an experienced immigration lawyer, you have the highest chance of your application being accepted. 

When asylum seekers present themselves to a judge without the assistance of an attorney, their chances of being granted refuge are slim to none in some parts of the nation and before certain judges. Your immigration lawyer should be honest with you about how likely you will succeed in your case. 

Processing of Visas

If you’ve never been exposed to our legal system, immigration law and processes might be overwhelming. Many American citizens have no idea how immigration law operates in our nation. Representation is essential while applying for an international visa at a consulate or embassies worldwide. 

A skilled immigration lawyer will ensure that your application for any sort of visa, including a UK Spouse Visa, is in order and available if you encounter any difficulties. To ensure a smooth immigration procedure, they’ll watch out for unnecessary fees and stress on your part during the process.

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