Does Your Home Bathroom Stand Out?

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Most homeowners understand that while a well-decorated, light, airy and private bathroom is a lovely home addition, it’s really only function and privacy that you need for a space like this. You are unlikely to host evening meals in your bathroom space, or socialize within it, or spend more time in there than you have to in order to improve your hygiene. 

For this reason, bathrooms can sometimes be the last investment people make in home design and aesthetic trimming. That said – a beautiful bathroom can really add plenty to your home. Plus, as bathrooms are usually the first and last room we visit after waking or before climbing into bed, it’s nice to enjoy your time there.

Some even believe that a bathroom’s condition can affect your wellbeing, including how you feel showering in the morning, practicing your skincare routine, or taking off your makeup before bed. In this guide, we’ll discuss a few additions and trimmings which really do help a bathroom stand out and look radiant within your home.

Refining The Piping

It’s a good idea to refine the piping in your home bathroom, that is, making sure the plumbing connections allow for the orientation of your toilet and shower in the way that it needs to be applied. You can also aid certain pipes by using carbon steel flanges so that they don’t stick out into the space too overbearingly. Ultimately, hiding as much of the piping as you can is the best way to design it, and a competent plumber will be able to advise you here.

The solutions you are given may differ depending on what floor of the house you’re in. For instance, applying a new bathroom to the third story of a home (perhaps crafting an attic bedroom with en suite), may mean running the soil pipe overhead through into another room, and creating a false insert in the room to make sure it’s not visible. With a willingness to find the best design approach, you’re sure to prosper.

Soft, Beautiful Lighting

Soft and beautiful lighting can make a tremendous difference within a space. This is especially important in bathrooms, where intensive light not only causes incredible shadows in a small room, but can prevent you from being able to groom easily, as getting a good measure of your skin condition, washing in a shadowed shower unit, and having to strain your eyes in too-dark or too-light conditions can be uncomfortable.

Soft, beautiful lighting, perhaps involving small strip lights above the mirror, or small blinkered lights in the ceiling, while tying this to the essential extractor fan can be the best option for many here. The more you do that, the better off you’ll be.

Heated Fixtures

Heating fixtures can work wonders in a bathroom, especially one you’re trying to apply a little more warmth and comfort too. This might involve a heated towell rack that can be turned on at any time. There’s nothing quite like a warm and fresh towell after a shower in the winter months.

If you really wish to get fancy, then a heated underfloor can work wonders, too. This way, you don’t have to step onto cold tile in the morning with your bare feet, even one or two steps as you transition from your slippers into the shower unit or bathtub. This can also serve as a nice means of preserving space within a bathroom space, as a large radiator may not be as suitable as it could otherwise be.

Privacy Additions

What good is a bathroom if it’s not private? Many think that bathroom privacy is mostly found in making sure that no one can see through the window (such as with curtains or blinds), and by providing a worthwhile lock on the door. That’s true.

But it might also be that depending on the layout of the room, you also use frosted glass for the shower unit, or provide a shower or bathtub curtain. In a pinch, a person could shower while someone else used the sink, then. Privacy might also mean using store cupboards so that guests can’t see the medicines or other utilities you use during a regular trip. A nice combination of these factors can help any bathroom feel like a safe place in which you can spend time refreshing yourself.

With this advice, we believe that your home bathroom will stand out in the best possible manner.

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