Coldplay, Blonde Hair and Easter Hats #Little Loves

Where did this week go? We’ve had quite a nice week – Graham had an unexpected day off on Sunday so we headed to the beach and ended up with the kids playing in the sea in their pants! The weather hasn’t been quite as nice the rest of the week, but we’ve managed to do a bit more painting in the lounge in between Graham’s night shifts and I managed to get to the beach with Alex and Ben to meet a new friend and her kids for a quick play. I don’t feel like I have had chance to sit down at all this week, it’s just seemed none stop!

Here are this week’s Little Loves


I’m still reading Game of Thrones – I’m probably going to be reading that for months as I can only seem to absorb a few pages at a time before I lose concentration. It’s such a heavy going book. I wish I had held off until work was a bit less busy to start it and I would probably enjoy it more. I’ve also read some really good blog posts this week. I love this one from Birds and Lilies about sponsored posts. I often feel guilty about putting sponsored posts (ones I’m paid to write, often marked as collaborative) on my blog in case readers think I’m being inauthentic or ‘selling out’, especially if I have lots bunched together, which inevitably happens. It’s ridiculous really as I write most of them myself, so they’re still my voice and still my personality.


Well, I’ve finally caught up with Broadchurch, which means I now have to wait for Monday’s to be able to watch the rest of the series. Now that I’ve finally watched both that and Game of Thrones, it was time to find a new box set to binge on. I found one about The Great Fire of London on Sky, so I downloaded it. I love historical stuff so it sounded right up my street. Turns out two of the main characters in it are main characters in Broadchurch and GoT – the bloke who plays Mark Lannister and Ygritte! That was utterly confusing to my already tired little brain, so I had to switch off. I ended up watching half of a film about a bloke who attempted to wire walk between the World Trade Centre buildings. I can’t say I was overly impressed by it.


I am absolutely in love with Coldplay’s track with The Chainsmokers. I was talking to Graham about this the other day – he’s really gone off Coldplay since they’ve become more ‘poppy’ and dancey, whilst I was never a massive fan before but love them now. I’ve also found myself listening to a fair bit of old skool hip hop and rnb when I’ve done the school run on my own – the bad language means I have to save it for the rare child-free car trips!


Nothing new this week (although a new nude lipstick MAY have fallen in my Amazon shopping basket this week thanks to some Swagbucks earnings – but SHHHHH!) but I did manage a well overdue trip to the hairdressers. I’ve been trying to go a really icy blonde colour forever, but no hairdresser nor box dye has got me anywhere close, always leaving me with a horrible yellow brassy colour. Six hours in the chair at my new hairdressers and I finally have the colour I want. I’ve had to buy some silver shampoo to maintain the colour but I’m determined to keep away from those box dyes for as long as possible now!


Like many parents up and down the country, I found myself in a sea of glitter, feathers, sequins and glue sticks this week, when we had the annual Easter hat making session for school. I had completely forgotten so on Wednesday morning I was frantically searching through Pinterest for ideas and hoping our craft cupboard had the right bits and pieces in. I made a crown out of some random silver border I had from a craft box, cut out some egg shapes and let the kids loose. Ok, so it looked like the craft cupboard had vomited on their heads, but they had fun, and it was completely their own work.

Ignore the half finished dado rail in the background – we are in the middle of decorating!

And Lastly

It’s Easter! Well, we break up for it today. At the moment I’m really excited about them all being home, so we can go on lots of fun days out to the beach, do lots of crafts and baking and have a lovely couple of weeks. In reality, I’ll probably be pulling my hair out by 10am on Monday morning, when it’s pissing down with rain, we’re stuck in with no car, the tablets are all flat and the kids are driving me insane. I’ve barely touched booze this year, but I’m sure a bottle of wine or two will be consumed in the next two weeks!

Have a lovely week.

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3 thoughts on “Coldplay, Blonde Hair and Easter Hats #Little Loves

  1. I still need to finish the Game of Thrones books too – I’ve only read the first two. They take me a good two or three weeks to read (that’s with 12 hours of bus rides a week for work!) and I usually pick up something more light-hearted and easy to read.

  2. I love that Coldplay song too, it really sticks in your head. I read the Game of Thrones series a few years ago and I’m enjoying the series – can’t wait for series 7!

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