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A garden playroom is a child’s getaway, a little place on earth where they can immerse themselves in a world of pure imagination. Often created as a summerhouse, and outdoor playroom does or doesn’t have to be the focus of your garden. It’s a simple little hovel with a modern interior for kids to bring round their friends and create memories together. Garden playrooms are well catered for, with small chairs, tables, lighting systems, toys, handy storage spaces and brightly coloured decor that creates, a magical place for your children to sit and be in.

Fun and friends

Children are a wonderful blessing but as soon as they arrive home, some space is immediately taken up, and the home feels a little bit smaller. When they grow, so does the space they occupy, so for parents who want a little breathing space around the house, a garden playroom is an affordable pathway to ensure everyone gets the space they need. A garden playroom also gives their friends a place to hang out and socialise outside of school, where they can play and be rough all they want without the risk of damaging items inside the home. On top of this, safety is a concern when children get rowdy indoors, one day they might be playing and slip on the kitchen floor and hurt themselves. With the robust materials outdoor playrooms use, they can enjoy the rough and tumble of growing up without hurting your wallet or themselves.

Modern and connected
The playpens of old have long but disappeared. Now garden playroom can have lighting, a TV and WiFi connection. Children can chill out in the room connected online on their iPad or tablet. The room can be connected to your main electricity supply and power a TV so the kids can have a movie night with their friends. Children can sleepovers at all times of the year as the room can also be heated during the winter. Hooking up outdoor rooms with electricity requires planning and knowledge of intricate circuits. Companies that specialise in complicated domestic wiring such as Bailey Pollock Electrical Services, can sufficiently and safely wire the outdoor playroom, so the children stay safe at all times.

Evolving with them

The great thing about an outdoor playroom is that it can change as they change and grow older. It’s a great study space for teenagers who are going through their GCSEs. They can bring over friends to play video games and avoid disrupting mum and dad who just want to chill and relax on the sofa while watching the TV without any loud noises. In the future, you could also update the interior by soundproofing the room so as they go through their rebellious period the chance to disturb the neighbours. After they leave home for university, you could change the room into a gym so you can stay fit as you age. On top of these benefits, is the fact that should you choose to sell your home in the future, a family will be willing to pay more for your home as the practicality modern growing families on a budget are looking for.

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