Jobs Around the House for Kids

Last week I read this post by Laura from Mum of 5 Staying Sane about getting children involved with doing jobs around the house, and it got me thinking about what we expect our kids to do.

Graham and I tend to split the jobs fairly evenly. He does an extra couple of things whilst I am out at work, but we both do our fair share. He does most of the cooking,  whilst I do most of the washing. We both do the washing up/tidying/vacuuming etc. It works well because although we both like to have a whinge now and then, we both do pull our weight.

We also both expect the kids to get involved in doing a few jobs around the house. We don’t expect them to do a lot, and at the moment, they don’t get pocket money or anything for doing them (mean parents, I know!). We think it is important that they understand that it is their home as well, and to keep it nice, everyone has to help out.

So what do we expect them to do?

Harrison (almost 5)

  • Tidy up his toys
  • Make his bed in the morning
  • Put his dirty washing by the washing machine
  • Help to clear the table and scrape the plates into the bin
  • Help wipe down doors and windowsills using a wipe
  • Put cutlery away (not sharp knives)

Alex (aged 3)

  • Tidy up toys
  • Put his dirty washing by the washing machine
  • Help to lay the table and carry out empty plates and dishes
  • Help to move the washing into the tumble drier

Benjamin (aged 16 months)

  • Tidy up toys
  • Put his dirty washing by the washing machine
  • Carry in plastic plates and cutlery to set the table

They’re all expected to do something, and I think the jobs are all age appropriate. Getting Harrison and Alex to tidy up their toys is the biggest challenge at the moment, but they’re pretty good at the rest of them, and even ask to help! Benjamin, in particular, loves to put his toys into the boxes. He’s also a nightmare at getting baby wipes out of the packet and wiping everything with them!

Jobs Around the House for Kids |
Keeping their playroom tidy!

I’d be really interested to see what you think. Do you encourage or expect your little ones to help out around the house, or do you think it is too much, too young

2 thoughts on “Jobs Around the House for Kids”

  1. My boys are almost 5 and 18 months. I dont actually get them to do anything. I just think they are kids and they will have plenty of time to do jobs when they are older. Not saying your wrong though just each persons personal choice 🙂 x

  2. I think it is a good idea to at least show the children why a clean house is important. My daughters are 5 and 3, and the older one is very helpful with tidying toys, preparing her breakfast cereal, and dusting furniture. The younger one is a little reluctant, although she does understand the concept of tidying, and she will do it at preschool. It is very much a work in progress in our house (but then, hubby is not exactly houseproud so I have a huge challenge!) 🙂

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