6 Surprising Ways That You Can Look and Feel Younger

t’s totally normal to long for youth. Even those of us that proudly declare that we don’t mind getting older, we’re proud of who we are, we’re wiser, happier, and glad to be ageing, would probably secretly love to get rid of a few laughter lines and have that youthful ability to eat all the cake without gaining a pound. The grass is always greener, we miss what we perhaps didn’t make the most of at the time, and we wish things were a little different. This is true of most things in life, not just our appearance as we age. 

There are elements of getting older that we have little control over. But we can do things to make ourselves look and even feel a little younger. Here’s a look at some of the less well-known methods. 

Look Beyond Your Face

When we think of how we look, most of us focus on our faces. We notice deeper wrinkles and multiplying fine lines. We buy serums and creams that promise eternal youth. We’re often disappointed. Of course, looking after your face is crucial. You should take good care of your skin, remove your makeup, moisturise, and even enjoy the benefits of facial massage. But, when other people look at you, it’s not necessarily your face that ages you the most. 

While those fine lines are the first things that pop up, most people over 25 have a few, and they are barely noticeable to an onlooker. One of the first areas that really ages you is the skin on your neck. The neck sags, the muscles weaken, and the area begins to look tired and old, often a lot sooner than you might think. A neck lift from Bella Vou can be tremendously effective, and the neck lift cost can certainly be worth it. Take a look at more information such as how much a neck lift costs at Bella Vou if you want to look years younger. 

Improve Your Posture

Your posture is something else that weakens over time. It’s common for older people to slouch. Work on your core strength, and again, focus on your neck. Increasing strength in the muscles at the back of your neck with regular exercise and good posture habits will help you to avoid the dreaded text neck, or forward head posture, which can highlight the ageing process. 

Wear Well Fitting Clothes

Gaining weight isn’t an inevitable side effect of age. In fact, more and more of us are taking up exercise and making healthy changes later in life, which make maintaining a healthy weight more realistic. Changing body shape, is, however, the norm. Even if your weight remains the same, hormonal changes, reduced metabolism, weakening muscles and other changes mean that you might change shape, and size. 

Trying to squeeze yourself into the same size you wore 10 years ago will age you. Your body will look and feel much better if you wear clothes that fit you well and flatter your shape. This is especially true of your bra. Get measured, wear well-fitting clothes and underwear and you’ll look younger.

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