6 Primary Do’s and Don’ts When At The Beach With Kids

Holidays and vacations can be excellent opportunities to spend quality time with your family and have fun. Choosing to go to the beach is equally a great way to create many unique memories. You can also squeeze in a lot of bonding activities at the beach with your kids.

However, kids are naturally curious and when surrounded by such large water bodies as the sea they might be inclined to check out some things for themselves. This is a potentially risky move as it can expose them to danger including the risk of drowning.

Hence, it is smart that you keep your beach trip organized by noting some do’s and don’ts that should be strictly adhered to when at the beach with kids. 

The Dos:

  • Engage in fun activities

As mentioned earlier, children are inquisitive, they would want to explore their environment. When you take your family to the beach, the kids would enjoy engaging in activities that are exciting to them. This could range from football games, board games or long beach whale watching

These activities are intriguing and will help satisfy their curiosity while creating a unique and memorable experience. 

  • Keep a first aid kit handy

The beach might look like a safe-enough environment but a few ordinarily harmless objects pose great danger to kids. For instance, a broken seashell can pierce into the feet of a kid or prick the feet. 

If such a cut is left open, the wound might fester with infection over time. Also, the beach sand can enter the eye of a child and cause minor injuries. 

To prevent these incidents, it is best that nobody walks bare-footed nor should there be any throwing of sand. It is also necessary to have basic first aid kit materials handy should such things happen. That way, immediate treatment is given to the affected child or person.

  • Pack your sunscreen and sun protection items

Sunscreens are essential items that you must include in your beach pack. There are very limited shelters at the beach and if you are going to be involved in any activity of note, you will not be sitting in these shelters.

This leaves you under the piercing rays of the sun. And depending on your skin color, you can either get tanned or sunburned. To prevent this, pack a water-resistant sunscreen of at least SPF 30, even up to 50. Other sun-protecting materials should include a hat and sunglasses.

The Don’ts:

  • Don’t set up a bonfire outside designated areas

Some beaches allow bonfires at night in designated areas and at particular times. Don’t set up a bonfire outside these regions or beyond allowed times. 

Doing so might mean that personnel who are charged with seeing that precautions are strictly adhered to are not on duty. Consequently, such open fires might be harmful to wandering kids or attract dangerous sea creatures.

  • Don’t feast before swimming

For the kids who can swim and would want to, it is ideal not to eat heavily before swimming. This is to avoid the thermal shock or cold shock response that might happen due to the difference between your body temperature and that of the sea.

  • Don’t leave your valuables unattended

Your bags and other valuables you take to the beach should not be left unattended, especially if you want to swim. Have someone you can trust watch them while you participate in other activities.


Spending a holiday or vacation with kids at the beach can be an awesome time for anyone. However, avoidable mistakes might occur if certain information aren’t known and laid out properly. So, when next you plan on going to the beach with kids, it’s advisable to have knowledge of the do’s and don’ts stated in this article to help you out.

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