5 Favourite Songs: Better Together Home

The lovely Chelle from Chelle McCann did this as part of her Saturday Soundtrack series, and I’ve now taken over the reins.  I will join with this at some point – trying to narrow it down to my five favourites is harder than it seems! Last week, The DRM Project shared their 5 favourite songs with us, and this week it is the turn of Alex from Better Together Home. It’s a new blog to me, but once I started reading it, I was hooked so definitely go and check it out

5 Favourite Songs: The DRM Project

Better Together Home’s 5 Favourite Songs

‘Islands in the Stream’ – Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers

Gosh, I LOVE Dolly and it’s one of my life ambitions to see her live one day. Ever since she was tiny my little girl has loved this song – I used to sing it to her when doing night feeds and by the time she was 4 she knew it word for word!

‘Faith’ – George Michael

I’m an 80s baby, the first musician I ever saw live was George (I was 2 and I can’t even remember it ha!). My big sister was obsessed with Wham and George too when he went solo and so when he went back on tour for the 25 live tour I got us tickets to three of his gigs and didn’t realise that she had also got us tickets to one, our aunt had bought us tickets to the Birmingham one and our parents had got us tickets to another – luckily (as if by fate!) not a single ticket clashed and so we travelled all over the UK to see him – it was such an amazing experience. I was devastated when he died as I always thought i’d get to see him live again. I honestly love all of his songs but I have an amazing memory of this one – I’d climbed up onto someone’s shoulders at Wembley Arena and just saw the whole crowd go wild dancing and cheering at the opening chords!

‘Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen’ – Baz Luhrmann

I know this is a pretty random song but it reminds me of my Dad – he is the most amazing man and is probably the reason my music tastes as so eclectic. This song in particular takes me back to sitting in his car on a hot summer’s day, driving down to my nan’s house on the coast – my dad always having one arm more tanned than the other because he drove with it resting on the window frame…

‘Earth Angel’ – The Penguins

This song is in my husband’s favourite movie – ‘Back to the future’ – so much his favourite that I’m surprised Marty wasn’t on his shortlist of boy’s names back when I was pregnant! It’s played at the infamous prom scene (sung by Marvin Berry) and was also our wedding song. I was really nervous before our first dance but I changed into my converse, downed a tequila shot and the minute the song began to play I felt completely at ease and really happy.

‘Re-arrange’ – Biffy Clyro

Last year a fab friend of mine in Glasgow gave me his spare ticket to go and see Biffy Clyro live at the Hydro – I almost burst with excitement at actually seeing them live. The atmosphere was amazing all the way through the concert and every time I hear this song now it takes me right back to sitting there, feeling it all again. It’s a really beautiful song.

Some fab choices here Alex. I love the stories behind them and what a concert to go and see at such a young age – I was 17 before I went to a concert (Kylie Minogue!). You can follow Alex on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

If you are a blogger and .want to share your five favourite songs, send me an email!

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