4 Surprising Things Your Home Interiors Reveal About You

Have you ever imagined what impression does your home interior make on visitors about you?

We don’t mean to go all psychic on you – but it’s a fact that most people don’t know about. Thought we’d just shed some light on that!

As soon as someone steps inside your home, every element of interior design – from the paint on the walls to the carefully selected indoor plant you got from www.theplantman.com.au placed in the corner of the room, narrates your life story to anyone who is keen enough to notice.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve decorated your home on your own or hired one of the best Sydney interior designers – your home interior is still revealing the following things about you to anyone who visits your home:

Paint: Personality

Probably the very first thing that makes an impact on a visitor to your home is the paint on your walls. The colours you choose are actually a reflection of your personality – or at least, they give a good idea about it to someone who doesn’t know you on a personal level.

Greens and blues for example, are believed to reflect a calm, laidback personality. Warmer hues like yellow and orange denote optimism and an inclination towards living life fully. People who’re generally creative and outgoing like the rich jewel tones like purples, emeralds, and sapphire blue. Sober and sophisticated is what greys and other neutrals indicate.

Fabrics: Taste

You and a friend could both be buying curtains and furniture from Christophe Living, but there’s a rare chance that you’ll pick the same thing. Even if you do pick the same piece of furniture, it is highly unlikely that you would go with the same fabrics. The type of fabric you select gives people a good idea about the overall taste you have when it comes to interior décor. If you’re going for sheen and soft fabrics, it is obvious that you prefer a luxurious feel in your home interior – and probably other things too.

Using linen, or leather, or cotton indicates that you’re more into things that appear casual and laidback.

Floor Plan: Your Outlook on Relationships

Well, to anyone who is observant enough, the floor plan of your home can tell them a lot about how you view your relationships. An open floor plan depicts that you are a family person. You value moments spent with your loved ones and don’t back out from creating opportunities to have more of that. You like keeping your loved ones close and being around them makes you happy.

On the contrary, a closed floor plan indicates that the person likes to keep to themselves. They prefer keeping their life private and do not like the idea of getting too involved in the lives of other people. These people may come off as highly introvert – those who don’t enjoy foreign company.     

Accessories: Your Interests

Believe it or not, the art you hang on your walls, the eclectic accessories that you decorate on your coffee tables or anywhere else in the house tell everyone about the things that you’re interested in. Accent pieces reveal your religious and cultural inclinations. Family portraits and travel photographs, everything tells a tale of its own that is reflective of things you’re passionate about.

What does your home interior say about you?


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