4 Purse Essentials That Make Life Easier

Whether you are visiting a friend, attending a wedding party, birthday party, or a get-together, filling your purse with the right essentials will ensure that you are fully prepared. And what essential are we referring to here? Is it the typical stuff ladies put in their purses, like makeup, hairbrush, pen, and a charger? Or are there more? 

The right purse essential consists of things that help you prepare for any circumstances that may arise while away from home. Below is a list of 5 purse essentials that can serve as a checklist for all that you need to carry in your purse. Let’s begin with the first which is pretty common.

1. Makeup

Many of us apply makeup before leaving home to our destination. However, upon arriving at our destination, a look at the mirror would say otherwise. To ensure that your makeup remains intact, you should consider taking along a cosmetic bag for keeping all your grab-and-go cosmetics together. This can include lipstick, jelly lip mask, eye shadow, lipstick pencil, perfume, including other important cosmetics you might need to maintain your beautiful appearance and keep your face aglow.

2. Hairbrush

People decide against putting a hairbrush in their purse due to its bulky nature. A perfect solution to this excuse will be opting for a short-handled and smaller hairbrush. If you don’t like the idea of going smaller, you may want to buy an extra one like your cherished hairbrush so you can keep it in your purse for that dying minute touch-up.

3. Grooming kit

A grooming kit is another important accessory you should have in your bag. It contains tools that help maintain a certain aspect of grooming, including skincare, hair care, facial hair, or nails.

While not all grooming kilts contain the same components, you should ensure that your grooming kit contains essential components like tweezers, nail clippers, etc. If the grooming kit is too big, simply move the tools you need into a slim zip pouch or bag. Stepping out without a grooming kit may turn out to be the worst mistake you’ll ever make. You never know what awaits you out there.

4. Planner, notebook, and pen

Studies indicate that the human storage capacity is somewhere between 10 terabytes and 100 terabytes. But, regardless of the immense storage capacity of the human brain, we sometimes find it hard to store all ideas that come to mind, and here is where a notebook comes in handy. With a notebook, you can store your thoughts anytime and anywhere.

Do you find it hard to stay organized? Planners are designed to help you stay focused and organized. Of course, you’ll need a pen or pencil to write down ideas or fill out forms and letters, so ensure they are present in your bag as well.

5. Healthy snack and water bottle

A water bottle will help ensure that you stay hydrated while moving about all day. You will want one that keeps your water cold – visit https://serp.co/best/coldest-water-bottles/ to have a look at a great range. Also, you may want to consider storing a few healthy snacks in your purse. Healthy snacks like beef jerky, almonds, etc. lower-fat cheese are ok.


Before leaving the house, ensure your purse contains the right essentials. You don’t necessarily have to fill your purse with everything. Your selection should be based on how long you’ll be away, the distance, and where you intend on going to. 

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