4 Helpful Tips to Shop With Your Toddler

Taking care of your to-dos with a toddler in tow can certainly prove to be a challenge at times. When it comes to grocery shopping, it’s important to be as prepared as possible to ensure a successful shopping experience. Check out our top tips for shopping with your toddler to prep for your next trip to the store!

1. Have a Game Plan

Having a successful shopping trip starts long before you step foot in the grocery store. Make sure you have a list of everything you need and keep it easily accessible. Try and plan to go to a grocery store who’s layout you’re familiar with, and try organizing your list by type. For example, if the fresh produce is at the front of the store, put those items at the top of your list. If the next section is the bakery, put those items next, and so on and so forth. That way, you’re less likely to find yourself circling around for forgotten items, keeping your trip as short as possible for your wriggly shopping companion.

2. Come with Your Arsenal

Make sure your diaper bag is all set with the essentials. You know your toddler and what they will need to make it through a trip to the grocery store. Make sure their sippy cup is full, throw in some extra fruit snacks and crackers, and a toy that can hold their attention for longer than twelve seconds. You’ll also want to make sure to pack your baby shopping cart cover so you can keep your little one safe and comfortable!

3. Give them Jobs

Depending on how old your toddler is, you might consider giving them “jobs” to do as you gather all of your groceries. Is your little one currently obsessed with the alphabet? Prompt them to find the letter A on the next aisle. Is counting things their new thing? Have them count how many red items you have in your cart. Are you confident in their ability to hold something without dropping it on the ground? Let them be your little helper by letting them hold something as you peruse the aisles.

4. Consider a Reward

Incentivizing good behavior is a great way to keep your little one making good choices during your outing. Consider offering a special treat or privilege on your way to the store, explaining that if they behave, they can earn some special privileges. However, we only recommend this if it is something you offer beforehand. The difference between a reward and a bribe is that with a reward, the incentive is offered beforehand. With a bribe, the incentive is offered in the midst of negative behavior and can send the message that tantrums get them special privileges. Be intentional about offering and giving rewards for good behavior during your trip to the grocery store.

You’ve Got This Mama!

We get it- going to the grocery store with your toddler can feel intimidating and overwhelming. Do your best to come prepared with the tools you need for a positive trip and you’re sure to have success!

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