17 week update

Today I am 17 weeks pregnant!!

Yesterday I had an appointment with the midwife. If you read my post from last week, you will know I was a bit nervous about it in case it was the horrible woman I had with Harrison. Thank god it wasn’t! It was a really lovely lady who was just as nice as my usual one.

She phoned up and got all the results back from my blood tests, which were all good. I had been a little concerned that my iron levels were low, as I am prone to anaemia and I was exhausted all the time, but they’re fine, which was a relief!

We even got to hear the heartbeat. I wasn’t expecting to hear it this early, as I know quite a few midwives don’t do it at this point as it can be hard to find, but she found it almost immediately. Squiggles is a little wriggler though – she was literally chasing him or her around to listen as it kept moving. Harrison, Alex and Graham all came in and heard it, and Harrison kept asking if the baby was coming out!

I’ve had another good week with plenty of energy. I think that I’m also looking much healthier and much better than I have in any of my pregnancies. I always looked very pale, spotty and tired with Harrison and Alex and never had that supposed pregnancy ‘glow’. This time, my skin is better than it has been for years – normally I don’t go out without makeup on but I rarely wear any at the moment. My hair has gone super shiny and is growing really quickly. I actually feel like I look semi decent for once!

I’m still craving Vimto like mad. I’m trying to limit myself to two cans of the sugar-free stuff a day. Unfortunately, the craving seems to kick in on the evening, which means I then end up needing the loo all through the night.

The only niggly bit at the moment is my feet. After even a fairly short walk my feet and ankles are throbbing.  I suffered really badly with swollen feet and ankles with Harrison to the point I could only wear slippers or flip flops, so I’m hoping this isn’t a sign of that happening again and it’s just because of the hot weather. If it carries on, I’ll mention it to the midwife.

I’ll leave you with a picture of my rather sizeable 17-week bump!


13 thoughts on “17 week update”

  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Vimto – goodness haven’t had that for years. Could murder one now you’ve said it. I’m coming to the end of my pregnancy – 39 weeks. I’d quite like to be back in the hope and excitement of 17 weeks, labour is putting me off at the moment! #blogbumpclub

  2. I hear you on the ankle and feet front. Mine are hating this heat too and carrying around my daughter with her broken leg at the moment is not making them go any less puffy! Glad to hear your hair and skin is so great – people will be so busy noticing your pregnancy glow they won’t notice if you get any cankle action! Thank you for linking up to the #BlogBumpClub again. x

  3. Thanks for linking to #babybabble. Hearing the heartbeat is wondrous isn’t it! We recorded it fir carson and he was mesmerised!

  4. Oh you’re definitely not alone on the feet and ankles – mine turn into squidgy little sausage toes at the slightest provocation – and my Birkies are my dearest friends, and not just because I don’t have to bend over to do them up!

    You’ve got a lovely looking bump too – I’m glad to hear all is going really well 🙂

  5. I’ve just come across your blog via #pbloggers on facebook 🙂 It looks lovely! and congratulations on the pregnancy! I am sooo broody at the moment.
    Hope you have a great pregnancy 🙂 Cute bump!


  6. Aww it’s so lovely hearing that heartbeat isn’t it? Such a lovely sound and for me makes me feel like I am actually pregnant, not just growing and exhausted 🙂 Glad to hear you are feeling better this time, I have felt so much better in this pregnancy than my last one, I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a girl pregnancy compared to a boy pregnancy, or just because my body is more used to the hormones 2nd time round, but I am loving the improvement 🙂 xx #babybabble

  7. Congratulations and how wonderful to hear your baby’s heartbeat sooner than expected. Sounds like it’s all going well x

  8. Gorgeous bump. And oh my goodness I am also addicted to Vimto! I actually prefer the sugar free stuff which is probably a good thing! So glad you got a nice midwife this time!
    x x

  9. I love hearing baby’s heartbeat, I always have done but this pregnancy especially everytime I hear it or see it on a scan, I cry x I love Vimto too and drink Vimto sugar free squash all the time x

  10. Couldn’t agree more in the feet front! Mine are horrible this time round forever aching and swollen!
    And yay to hearing the heart beat !!

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