10 Things That Make Me Happy

I was tagged by Angela from Adventures in Websterland to list ten things that make me happy. I really like this idea, especially at the moment when the world around us seems more than a little bit shit.

I’ve decided not to include my family or friends in this list because they obviously make me happy. Nothing beats a cuddle from the kids or a chat with my besties, or a weekend spent with my family, but for this list, I’m concentrating on the other, little things.

  1. The sea

I’ve written multiple times about how the sea soothes me and how it makes me happy. We’ve lived by the coast for almost nine months now, and it still has the same effect on me as it did when we were on holiday here or when we first moved here. Whenever I feel a little bit overwhelmed, or down in the dumps, I head straight down to the beach front – it always puts a smile on my face. There’s just something about seeing all that water, hearing the waves hit the sand and appreciating the power that the sea can have.

2. My blog

It sounds incredibly cheesy but my blog is so much more than a blog to me – it’s a huge part of my life and who I am. The opportunities it has brought us is incredible, especially when times have been a bit tough. It’s also given me a whole new career path, one that allows me to be at home with the kids and a group of really amazing friends, and for that, my blog will always be something special to me. Saying all that, even if I never had another opportunity or never earned a single penny from my blog, I would still carry on blogging. It’s something I always enjoy doing.

3.  Coffee

Coffee is more than something that makes me happy, it’s something that keeps me going.  I probably do have an unhealthy addiction to it but I also enjoy sitting down with a really good cup of coffee. I love a glass of wine or a G&T, but a decent coffee will always be my drink of choice.

4. Makeup

I’ve worn makeup since I was a teenager, but I always did it out of what I thought was a necessity – I needed it to look half decent. Now, I know that it doesn’t really matter if I wear it or not, but I enjoy playing about with it and when my makeup looks good, I feel much happier.  I’m not great at it – I’ll never master the art of eyeliners or contouring, but I’m getting better!

5. Sunshine

My mood can be very much linked to the weather. If it’s grey, wet and cold, I’m likely to be grumpy. When the sun is shining, my mood instantly lifts. I love crisp, cold sunny Winter days, but the height of summer, when I can wear maxi dresses and sandals will always be my favourite time of year!

6. Learning

About this time last year, I set myself a challenge of learning something new every single day, even if it was just something small. I haven’t stuck to that  – I didn’t expect to move to Wales and all the upheaval associated with that – but I love finding out new things and never miss an opportunity to learn. Quite often on an evening I will be watching historical documentaries on Netflix or googling random things. When the kids ask me questions that I don’t know the answer to, I make an effort to look it up so I can learn alongside them, and I’m trying to teach myself Welsh!

7. Finding a really good series to watch

I’ve always enjoyed watching films, but nothing on TV ever grabbed my attention long enough. I think I always preferred reading. Recently though, I’ve struggled with books. By the time I get to sit down and read, it’s late and I’m just too tired to do anything that involves concentrating, so I’ve enjoyed watching more TV. In the last few months, I’ve watched Orange is the New Black, Game of Thrones, Broadchurch and Billions. I love getting into bed on an evening and just zombieing in front of the telly!

8. Running

I never ever thought running would feature in a list of things that make me happy, but it does. Sometimes, it’s hard to get motivated to go and get changed and get out there, but once I do, I’m always glad I have.It’s one of the very few things I do just for me and that I do by myself and those few minutes that I’m out there really chill me out.

9. Pyjamas

I love that time of night (which tends to be pretty much straight after the school run in the winter!) when the bra and makeup come off, the hair gets scraped up into a mum bun and the PJ’s go on. Bonus points if it’s chilly enough to put on a snuggly dressing gown!

10. Photos

Wherever I go, my camera is with me. I take hundreds and hundreds of photos every month of the kids, of the sea, of the sky, of whatever I notice. I am far from good at taking them, but I love trying new things out and looking back at them.

I’m now tagging Charlotte and Simon from Whisky and Milkshakes, Louise from Birds and Lilies, Zara from Mojo Blogs, Maria at Suburban Mum and Kim at Life of an Auntie & Mum and Kirsty from Miss Pork Pie to share ten things that make them happy



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  1. Good list! It is normally the simple things in life that make us happy….

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