The End Of The Summer and New Beginnings


My favouite time of year.

I love the earlier sunsets, which are often spectacular at this time of year.

I love the colour change of the trees.

I love the pumpkin spice obsession – yes, I am a basic bitch through and through.

Most of all, I love the feeling of new starts and new beginnings.

I guess it goes back to the start of a new school year as a child and the excitement of new pencil cases and teachers, and as I became a teacher, getting to know my new class. As a parent, it is watching my children start a new year at school and waiting to see what they will achieve.

It is new beginnings and new routines.

This year, it is a huge shift in beginnings and routines.

I have one child starting high school.

One child going into year 5.

One child going into year 3 (a new school)

One child starting school nursery.

Four kids, all at school.

This means I have three hours every day to be me, to focus on my career, to grow my freelance portfolio.

I’m hoping it also gives me a little more time to write on here.

We are all starting this new chapter of our lives fairly positively—if we ignore the cost of living crisis brewing in the background. We have had a lovely summer break, full of fun and memories, and there is really no better way to start a new school year.

The kids have been wild swimming in the rivers at St Asaph and Betws-y-Coed, giggling, shrieking and having plenty of fun.

We have had picnics by the river, on the beach, and even in the car.

We have been crabbing in Caernarfon and ate fish and chips in Conwy, where their superb manners and behaviour were mentioned several times.

We went for drinks and fun in the pub garden and had pancakes with ice cream for breakfast.

We went for a day at Gypsy Wood, looking for fairies and elves and painting cars. We’ve walked around Portmeirion, tipping water over our heads to keep cool and paddling in the fountain.

We have been to Birmingham to see our family and friends and to meet the newest addition to our family, Phoebe. We bounced on bouncy castles, laughed a lot, and watched gazebos fly away.

We became fish owners – Frank, Penny, Mark, Jubes, Ariel, Dwayne and Thor.

We played in the park, fell in love, and made new friends. We made TikToks and reels, took selfies and silly photos.

We made memories. Memories to last a lifetime.

And now, it’s time for new beginnings.

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