A walk along the locks

We were supposed to go to a charity event last Sunday, but at the last minute there was a bit of a mix-up, so we didn’t go. It was far too nice to sit around and waste the day, so when my mum phoned and asked if we wanted to go for a walk with them and the dogs, we jumped in the car.

We headed over  to Hatton Locks, which is a series of 21 locks along the Grand Union Canal, in Warwickshire. We’ve been there many times – it’s only about 25 minutes away in the car, but it feels a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of Birmingham. It’s so beautiful and peaceful and is a favourite spot of ours.


We met up with my parents and their two dogs, and my brother, his fiancee and their dog at the pub next to the locks. We had a quick drink in the sunshine before going for a walk – there’s nothing like a cold beer on a sunny day, is there?


We walked down to the locks, and had a slow wander alongside them. We paused every so often to watch them in action – the canal was packed with barges, and the kids were really fascinated with how they worked.


We always walk down to the bridge, and cross over the canal about half way down. Through a very hidden little path, there is a lovely shaded meadow and a tunnel, perfect for the dogs to have a quick water stop. Through the tunnel is a huge field, which at this time of year is full of tall corn.



We walked through the field, in the middle of the corn (it’s a public walkway – we weren’t trespassing!). It was incredibly hot, with the sun beating down relentlessly, and no breeze. We intended to have a sit down at the end of the field, and let the three worn out dogs have a rest, but that plan soon went out of the window when we spotted a swarm of bees right by where we were standing – we moved away pretty sharpish!


We took a much slower walk back along the canal. The dogs were knackered, even with regular water stops, and we were all beginning to get a little hot and bothered. All three dogs are pretty good when they’re out on the leads, and Harrison was able to walk with Kai. He was really proud of himself!


Of course, we had to head back to the beer garden and have another pint – walking is thirsty work!



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12 thoughts on “A walk along the locks”

  1. This looks absolutely lovely, definitely somewhere we’ll check out for a family stroll when my husband is walking properly.

  2. What a perfect place for a walk and ideal for the dogs. You wouldn’t think you were anywhere near a major city there. I’m sure I remember seeing some of these photos on Instagram in the week and thinking how beautiful it looked. A lovely way to make the most of your day when the original plans fell apart.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  3. We had a similar hot walk through fields this week, but sadly no pub at the end! I can just imagine how hot the dogs must have been, not great weather for a German shepherd 🙂 #countrykids

  4. This looks lovely! I love the photos of the field and the locks. We used to live in Bingley near the 5 rise locks and it was really nice to spend a weekend walking along the tow path #countrykids

  5. 23 locks, that is impressive. We live near the canal, its the lancaster canal and has 40 miles of canal with no lock, so to see 1 would be amazing, let alone 23! Love the picture of the corn. I agree, walking is thirsty work and a beer garden on a sunny day is something that would draw me in too! #countrykids

  6. Lovely post, makes me nostalgic for the canal walks we used to do along the Grand Union canal when I was a kid living in Milton Keynes 🙂 #countrykids

  7. What a gorgeous part of the country-hard to believe a city is so close by! Fabulous photos 🙂


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