Struggling‌ ‌To‌ ‌Gain‌ ‌Weight?‌ ‌Follow‌ ‌These‌ ‌ Suggestions‌ ‌For‌ ‌Better‌ ‌Results‌

According to the statistics, about 1% of the men and 2.4 % of women above the age of 20 in the US are underweight. Whilst most of the people in the world have difficulty losing weight, some people experience equal problems in gaining weight.

Usually, the one factor that stops them from reaching their optimal body weight is their high metabolism rate. It may seem to be a blessing in disguise to most people, however, for the people trying to put on some kilos, it is nothing less than a worry. If you have been looking to try out something which will work out in your favor, trying the following can help.

Benefitting from Expertise
Everybody is different and what may have worked for your best friend may or may not work for you. Therefore, it is always better to go for guidance that is experienced in the field and can help you to curate a better diet.

Even though there is a ton of nutritional information that is present, the trick is to take that and connect it with the right application. As per the experts at My Everlong Nutrition, it is important to take real action on the goals, and having the support of a coach can make it so much easier. This is something which can help you to gain weight in an effortless way while keeping in mind your lifestyle and food choices.

Increasing Food Intake
An important thing to remember when you are trying to gain weight is to create surplus calories in your body. It means that you need to be ingesting more calories than you can burn. To gain slowly and steadily, start aiming for reserving 300 to 500 calories per day which would not get burnt in your body.

With time, build it up to 700 to 1000 above your maintenance level. Although you may not be required to count your calories for a long time, doing so in the initial stages will help you to manage a certain amount of calorie consumption.

More Protein

Protein is one of the most crucial nutrients that help to build muscle in the body. Without this, the extra calories in the body may not get utilized properly which may result in body fat. A high protein diet helps you to not only gain body weight in a healthy way but also leads to gain good muscle mass.

A good way to gain weight is to aim for 0.7- 1 gms of protein per pound of your body weight, which in other terms comes out to be 1.5gms -2.2gms of protein per kilogram. In case if your calorie intake is higher, then you can go even higher than that. Food options that are high in protein are meats, fish, eggs, dairy products, legumes, and nuts to name a few. You can also consider taking supplements like whey protein to ensure that you are not falling back on your protein content for your diet.

The Last Word
Along with the above mentioned, eating high energy density foods and right exercising can also prove helpful. One thing to remember is that as important as it is to gain weight, it is also crucial that you do it in the healthiest way. And on this note, we wish you good luck in your endeavor.

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