Healthy Food Swaps for Your Family to Make

Is it enough for your family to make a few small meal changes to become healthier? Along with regular exercise, switching out your fat-filled junk food with healthy options that taste just as yummy is the best thing for you and your family to get healthy.

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No more sugar to sweeten-up your breakfast

We have all been guilty of sprinkling (more like pouring) sugar over our healthy Weetabix or porridge oats. Next time you go to reach for the sugar tin, diverge your sweet tooth over to the dried fruit packet.

Raisins, dried apricots, dates and cranberries are a healthy option to sweeten your morning breakfast. You can use fresh fruit instead, although dried fruit lasts longer and are easy to keep in the same cupboard as the sugar (which will hopefully remind you to eat them!).

Sandwiches vs salads

Making a salad that includes enough filling-foods with a high nutritional value is much better for you than having a buttered sandwich. Salads allow more room for veggies and you can add anything from tuna and croutons to Quorn and cashew nuts.

It’s a more interesting meal to eat if you mix up the veg and protein that you include each time you make the salad. Additionally, it’s super easy to make for meal prep!

Oh, saucy!

Forget creamy, cheesy sauces that stodge up your pasta and introduce home-made vegetable sauce that compliments your spaghetti dish.

Vegetable sauces are easily made, you can find recipes all over the internet and once you get a hang of it, you can start making your own saucy recipes.

Fruit juice or just fruit?

Although many fruit juices claim to be 100% fresh pressed fruit, if you check the ingredients they’re often filled with additives. Which is why it’s best to just eat the fruit instead of drinking the juice.

This also ensures you digest all of the nutrients the fruit has to offer, without any additives.

Lean, mean protein machine

When choosing a meat to go with your carbs and veg, opt for lean meats like chicken rather than fatty meats like beef. Of course, it’s good to vary the type of meat you’re eating but for the most part, eating lean meat is healthier for you and your family.

This is because lean meat contains a great amount of protein and cuts out on the fat that you’d gain from fatty meats. It’s in their names – eat lean to be lean!

What’s your favourite food swap?

We’d be interested to hear the tastiest food swaps that you’ve recently made in the comments below. In addition to this, your experiences with stroppy kids kicking up a fuss when you swapped out their usual unhealthy food for healthier options would be a funny read, so go ahead and tell us how you managed to change their minds!

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