The Trick To A Great Looking Home – Even With Kids!

It can be tricky to keep your home looking great when you’ve got kids. Sometimes, it definitely feels as if they are following you around trashing the place while you’re trying to tidy up and clean. However, there are a few things you can do to enjoy a great looking home, even when your kids are running riot! Try the following tips and see if something works for you:

Train Them Well

As soon as your kids are old enough, start training them to tidy up after themselves and put things away. If you insist on tidying up after them all the time, it’s no wonder they will grow up to make a mess and expect you to clean it up. You can’t blame them for that! It could be an idea to have a box in every room that they can put their toys in when they are done playing with them. Of course, you shouldn’t be too strict on them, they are kids and they need to make a mess, but teaching them to tidy from a young age and allowing them to help you will work wonders.

Have A Designated Play Room

If you allow your kids to run riot in every single room in the house, you’re going to be tripping over toys left, right, and centre. This may even cause a hazard to other people, and will take longer for you to tidy up, to say the least! If you can have a designated play room where they can make as much mess as they like, the rest of your home will look pristine the majority of the time.

Keep Things Minimal

Keeping a minimal decor in your home seems to be the way forward. You’ll save time on cleaning and tidying, and it’ll be much harder for your kids to make a big mess when there isn’t much to mess up. Don’t worry; your home doesn’t have to look boring if you opt to have your decor this way. You can choose focal items to complement your home decor that make an impact, so you feel less of a need to have a bunch of random accessories lying around. A gorgeous fireplace like those on Westland Antiques could help you to create a feature point in your living room without going OTT. It’s always worth investing in a quality focal point or feature rather than spending lots of money on little pieces.


Choose Easy Clean Materials And Those That Will Age Gracefully

When you’re choosing things like furniture, make sure you select easy clean materials, as well as materials that will age gracefully. For example, ensure your dining table is made of a high-quality wood that looks better with marks, so that rather than looking old and worn it begins to look full of character. Make sure your floors, sofa, and other items your kids will often come into contact with are made from a material you can simply wipe down – or at least a color where you won’t notice stains so badly!


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