Location Location Location

When we first found out our landlord was selling our home in Birmingham last year, our thoughts immediately turned to North Wales. It’s somewhere we knew from our many holidays here and somewhere that we loved. You’ll know from previous blog posts how much we love this little part of the world, and how North Wales is now our forever home. I can’t imagine ever living anywhere else.

North Wales is a relatively quiet area, especially in the Autumn and Winter months, so we do find ourselves going over the border to Cheshire, Liverpool and Manchester quite a lot, for shopping and for events. We particularly love Cheshire Oaks – the huge designer shopping outlet. We’ve had some real bargains from there!

Living where we do means we have the choice of peace and quiet or busy and bustling, which was important when it came to choosing where we were going to live. PCA Predict understands the importance of getting a location right as well, so you can check addresses out by using the postcode finder.

It also turns out that filmmakers and TV bosses recognise the importance of location, with North Wales and the North West, Liverpool especially, being one of the most popular places for filming TV shows in the UK. In fact, Liverpool is only second to London for being the top filming location in the UK. I’ve just been reading about Safe House (amazing crime drama!) being filmed on Wales’ very own Anglesey and in Liverpool, as well as other locations in the North West and apparently, many scenes from the Marvel Avengers film were filmed in Liverpool. That’s like, twenty minutes down the road! I’m not very observant when it comes to people watching when I’m out and about, but living here, I think I need to start opening my eyes a little bit more – who knows who I might bump into? I’m kind of hoping that one day, it will be Taron Egerton – after all, he’s from this neck of the woods!

*Collaborative post