How to keep your restaurant warm during winters; 4 popular suggestions

A lot of us eagerly wait for winter and the first snow. We miss those times when we get to laze around because of the cold, celebrate holidays in school due to heavy snowfall and feel euphoria due to the jolly season of Christmas. Though not everyone is such a big fan of winters, with quite a few people dreading the cold weather. Thriving as a small restaurant in winter is extremely tough. There are quite a few things that need to be taken care of before the cold weather arrives, in order to ensure smooth operations of the business. Your customers need to be kept warm and cozy so that they have a pleasurable experience at your food joint. Here are a few essential tips and items to invest in to help you to gear up before winter sneaks up on you again:

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Get an annual fireplace sweep and inspection

Nothing seems as good as warming up next to a roaring fire with a cup of coffee at your restaurant, but chimneys that are clogged can lead to dangerous fires and can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Even though having your fireplace and chimney checked annually might cost you some money, it will definitely be a good investment in the long run. Fireplaces are one of the leading sources of fires as concluded by research published in 2018. Having your fireplace inspected will help you meet insurance requirements and protect your business in case of a mishap as well.


Weatherproofing your windows and doors is an important step to take to get ahead of the harsh winter weather. Make sure that your doors and windows do not have any areas or gaps that allow for a draft in the restaurant. Make sure to either seal them up, caulk them, or use weatherstripping to make sure they are prepared to handle the cold. Without weatherproofing, your restaurant can still be extremely cold even if a heating system is in place, driving customers away. If they are in pretty bad shape, consider replacing them or getting them repaired by a professional.

Invest in an HVAC System

If you don’t already have a heating system in place, consider investing in an HVAC System for your restaurant. These systems are quite versatile and are mostly used for commercial settings, although quite a few established companies such as Reznor HVAC that offer high-quality HVAC systems for homes too. The systems today are a combination of high-quality mechanical engineering combined with thermodynamics to provide homes and commercial properties with apt heating and ventilation. They provide complete thermal comfort in the cold winters and great indoor air quality. They also offer the plus point of their products being eligible for subsidies from certain local governments.

Insulate your pipes

A burst pipe can cause up to $5,000 worth of damage to your commercial space. Insulating pipes is not as costly as it seems. It is easy enough to even do it yourself. Install pipe insulation around PVC water pipes and exposed copper pipes to protect them from the harsh weather and any potential damage. Find and install it on pipes in kitchens, under sinks, in the basement and any pipes that are along walls.

Winter preparation is a dreaded task, and we usually skip out on one thing or the other. Use these tips and strategies to prepare your small business for the next harsh winter.

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