High Heels Survival Hacks: How to Make your Heels More Comfortable

There is nothing as exciting as gracing an event in your elegant high-heels. But there is also nothing like the fear of trying out a pair of heels that causes you discomfort. It takes accurate planning, a few tricks, and shopping for the right pair of heels to overcome such dread.

Lucky for you, we have covered a few tips on how to make that eye-catching high heel of yours more comfortable on your feet.

1.   Focus on how you walk.

Walking in heels is easy, like science taught in elementary school. It’s different from strolling in your trainers.

When it comes to high heels, you need to pay attention to the rest of your body. Engage your abs and walk heel-to-toe for the smoothest experience. Do this, and you may imitate Elle Woods walk or the Tyra Bank sashay.

2.   Wear your heels in

Planning on wearing those heels to a party? 

Do this first:

Wear a pair of thick socks before wearing your heels. Next, take a stroll around your house for a few hours. This will expand all the areas that might constrict your feet.

Aren’t sure of the right socks for this trick?

We recommend Bombas’s thick, padded socks. They are attractive and comfy to wear when you get home.

3.   Select the right heel shape for your foot.

Before shopping for high heels, look at the shape of your foot and shop with the shape in mind. If you have broad toes, go for a heel that suits your toes and not one that may result in discomfort. The same applies to individuals who have a large foot.

There are many dress heels out there, including ankle strap heels, high-heel sandals, pointed-toe pumps, etc. So keep searching until you find the ideal heels that suit your foot.

4.   Use moleskin

Want to avoid rubbing? Line your high-heels with moleskin. It helps prevent rubbing, which results in friction. 

You can also rub this therapeutic material on developing blisters or problem areas on your foot. However, ensure you don’t apply it directly over a blister, so it doesn’t damage the roof.

5.   Or fabric plasters

If you are in haste, ordering a pair of moleskin inserts isn’t an ideal option. In that case, rather than rely on moleskin, use fabric plasters. Add them to areas you think might be susceptible to blisters, like the back of the heel, to help stop any unnecessary friction.

6.   Leverage grips if your feet are narrow

Do you have narrow feet? If so, you may have issues with your feet remaining firm in your shoes. This issue can be fixed by purchasing heel grips. It’s useful for those with court shoes or anything that lacks straps.

And yes, they work for ballet flats or loafers. Grips help stop your feet from sliding around inside your shoes. They make your feet firm in the shoes.

7.   Shop for secure heels

Is your shoe firm on your feet? Or do they feel like they’ll slip off easily? 

If your shoes appear like they might leave your feet at any minute, they aren’t going to sit comfortably. This might cause you to start tensing different muscles in your feet to try and keep them secured. The result? Aching. 

The best solution here is to shop for secure heel styles.

Do you have narrow feet? Or do you find it hard to walk in slip-on heels? If you do, go for a high-heel with an ankle strap for additional support.

8.   Consider high-heel protectors for stability.

High-heel protectors are a must-have staple for heel enthusiasts. They help protect the heel tip, heel shaft, or both.

Typical high-heel protectors come in two designs: slightly flared version and minimal styles. The former helps stop stilettos from sinking into grass or sand, making them ideal for events held in grassy or sandy areas (e.g., weddings). On the other hand, minimal heel protectors help stabilize heels with worn-down tips.

Whether you go for the slightly flared version or the minimal style, you are guaranteed stability. And you shouldn’t be bothered about the item being obvious as most come in transparent or neutral tones like back and tan to make them appear hidden.


While these heel survival hacks are effective in making your heels more comfortable, shopping for the right high-heel will save you the stress of implementing these hacks. Always consider the shape of your feet, the purpose of the heels, and how well they fit into your feet before making the purchase.

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