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When it comes to my hair, I can be a bit of a chameleon. Because I was a bridesmaid last year, and I’m doing it again for my other brother and sister-in-law in May, I’ve had to keep my hair fairly ‘normal’ – both brides banned me from dying my hair anything other than natural colours and I wasn’t allowed to randomly chop it all off, as I have a habit of doing!

I’ve had waist length hair (thanks to extensions) and I’ve rocked a Victoria Beckham ‘pob’. I’ve had hair every length in between. It’s been bright red, ginger, peroxide blonde, golden, dark brown, rose gold and it’s now semi-natural light brown. I’ve had it like this for about eight months now, and I’m starting to yearn for a change.

Part of me wants to do something drastic. My friend Zara from Mojo Blogs is always changing her hair colour and pulls off everything – from bright blue and pink, to blonde or brown. I’d love to do something as dramatic as going pink – rose gold was as close as I’ve got and I loved it – but I’m scared of wrecking my hair!

One of the best ways of going about a dramatic hair colour change is by wearing a wig. Long gone are the days were they looked fake, with them now being almost impossible to distinguish from real hair. Another alternative are hair extensions from Lily Hair. These options give your hair extra length or thickness, and look super realistic.

What was your favourite look?

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