Dog Bites 101: Here’s What Parents Should Know

If you ask a kid if they would like to play with a dog, they would jump with happiness and will love you forever! Children love petting and playing with pets, especially dogs. However, this lovable experience can turn into a bad one in case of dog bites. In cities like Atlanta and Augusta, dog bites are quite common. In fact, nearly 1 percent of emergency departments are occupied for bite wounds. Though most of the cases are minor, some can result in complicated consequences where you might want to seek advice from an Orange County dog bite lawyer. So, what to do in case your child gets bitten by a dog? Here’s what you need to know. 

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What to Do if My Child Gets Bitten by a Dog? 

If your child gets bitten by a dog, there will be either minor or serious complications. In case of minor cuts and abrasions, parents should clean the wound carefully with soap and warm water and cover it with an antibiotic ointment. You should seek immediate medical help in case the dog bite: 

  • Is causing heavy bleeding and doesn’t stop after 10 minutes of direct pressure 
  • Is in the face, neck, arms, feet and other sensitive areas. 
  • Have injured joints or bones 
  • Looks infected 
  • Has infected a kid with a weak immune system

Dog Owner’s Liability: What to Do if Someone’s Dog Bites Your Child?

Dog owners have a responsibility to prevent their dogs from harming people or damaging any physical property. In case someone’s dog harms your child and it leads to physical injury, the owner would have to reimburse your child for all the medical expenses, pain, and suffering. To proceed with the formalities of charging the owner, you should get help from an Atlanta personal injury attorney who specializes in handling dog bites cases. You can schedule a consultation session with the lawyer to get information on the compensation settlement possibilities. 

How to Prevent Dog Bites? 

The most practical way to prevent dog bites is proper supervision. Ensuring that you don’t leave your child alone with a dog or even a beloved family pet. Apart from that, educate your child on some of the basics, including: 

  • Keep calm around pets as they can get a bit overwhelmed when they see kids jumping and screaming. 
  • Do not panic if a dog shows weird behavior and starts jumping on you. If the child reacts, the dog can lose his temper and end up biting the child. 
  • Gently rub his neck, back, or side when playing with a dog. Do not pat him on the head or tease him unnecessarily. 
  • Do not try to surprise a sleeping dog, as dogs usually snap when startled from a snooze. 
  • Before getting along with a stranger’s pet, do ask the owner for their permission. The chances are that the dog might be dangerous and easily lose calm with strangers, as most dogs do. Taking permission from the owner would ensure this possibility.

Bottom Line 

Dog bites can cause serious complications sometimes. Since your child may be too innocent to care about themselves, it is your responsibility as parents to ensure their safety and educate them on basic rules when dealing with animals. Make sure you do that part right! 

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