Best Affordable Rugs to Buy in 2022

Decorating a home is one of the most tedious tasks for homeowners. The trends keep changing and the way one sets their home needs to be kept up with the latest fashion. Changing and redecorating can be hard and therefore choosing something timeless and eternally fashionable is one of the biggest tasks for decorators. 

Rug Mountain

Some things are hard to switch up now and again such as furnishings, fittings, and carpets. Rugs on the other hand are easier to decorate, and change and are one of the most fashionable ways to decorate any space. 

Buy online rugs for saving time and money and to also acquire some of the best kinds of fashionable and trendy options in the market when it comes to decorating the home. Rugs are very useful and truly one of the most indispensable tools to keep the home neat and tidy.

Rugs v/s Carpet

Most people use rugs and carpets interchangeably. It is worth mentioning the fact that rugs are quite different from carpets altogether. Carpets are designed to cover the major portion of the home and can run from wall to wall. 

A carpeted home usually has one kind of carpet with one basic color that covers the entirety of the house. Some homeowners however try to have different carpets for different rooms but essentially, carpets are usually chosen to maintain uniformity throughout the house. 

Rugs on the other hand are used to decorate a certain spots such as the center table, the seating area, the TV desk, the work desk, the outsides of the bed, etc. 

Rugs come in various different textures, materials, prints, and colors and give homeowners the freedom to experiment and be creative with their homes and rooms. Rugs are also smaller in size which means that they are easy to clean and maintain as well. They can be creatively custom-made and can suit anyone’s choices and preferences. 

Best Kind of Affordable Rugs

There are so many different kinds of rugs in the market, based on fabric, the material, the weave and pattern, the print and design etc. It is easier to choose a rug based on its functionality and usage so that it suits and serves the purpose in the most efficient way. 

Below are the popular kinds of rugs in the markets:

  1. Flat Rugs – Kilim or Dhurrie

This kind of rug does not have a fluffy texture – it has no pile which means that they are flat like persian carpets. They come in exotic prints and designs and can liven up any room or area easily. They are also easy to clean, durable, stain and water resistant and can be used in heavy traffic areas. Buy online rugs such as these easily in online stores. 

  1. Pile/Tufted Rugs

These rugs have a cushiony fluffy texture that makes them soft and feathery to the feel. They have a base on which threads are either knotted or flat cut by hand or machine. They are more plush, luxurious, comfortable but suitable for low traffic areas as they are harder to maintain. 

  1. Machine Made Rugs

These rugs are made with power loom machines with knotted threads all over that give it a plush and comfortable feeling. They are made from blended wool or synthetic fibres such as polyester, nylon, art silk etc. They are easier to maintain and are very durable and best suited for heavy traffic areas. They also come in attractive colours and styles.

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