The Girl On The Train, Ed Sheeran and Exciting News #LittleLoves

Well, we’ve had an interesting week! On Saturday evening, Benjamin started sounding a bit wheezy, so I made a mental note to keep an eye on him and make a doctors appointment for first thing Monday morning. By Sunday afternoon he couldn’t stop coughing and was really poorly so Graham took him to the A&E department at our local hospital. A few hours later when they decided they were probably keeping him in for the night, I went there in a taxi so we could swap – after all the crap he went through when he was a newborn, I couldn’t bear the thought of him being in the hospital without me. It turns out he had a ‘viral wheeze’ and just needed an inhaler every few hours. They kept us in to keep an eye on him but we came home first thing in the morning and he was back to his usual self. Our first experience at Glan Clwyd hospital was very good, though – the staff were amazing!

The Girl on the Train, Ed Sheeran and Exciting News

Anyway, here are this week’s Little Loves…


Last week I mentioned how I was reading Gallery Girl by Wendy Holden. I didn’t manage to read any more of it – it just wasn’t grabbing me. I’ve popped it back on my bookshelf to try again another day – I rarely give up completely on a book. However, I was sent some credit for the Kindle store, so I downloaded ‘The Girl On a Train’, which is something I’ve wanted to read for a while now. Oh my! I read it how I used to read – absolutely devouring it! It was brilliant and it took me just two nights to read. I could have read it in a couple of hours according to my reading speed, but I just about managed to put it down. If you haven’t read it yet, I definitely recommend it!


I sat and watched ‘The 33’ which is a film about the Chilean Mining Disaster in 2010. I remember sitting and watching the story unfold on the news and following the rescue attempts so I was looking forward to seeing the movie. It didn’t disappoint!


Lots of lovely drinks in my new Tassimo machine. I had wanted one for ages so my mum and dad bought me a machine, pod holder and plenty of pods for Christmas, and my brother and sister in law bought me some lovely cups and saucers. I’m trying my hardest to limit myself to one or two cups of Tassimo coffee a day and one hot chocolate – it’s so hard because instant stuff tastes crap compared to it, but it would become very expensive as I drink about 8 cups of coffee a day!


Because Ben has been poorly, we’ve hibernated in the house this week so it’s been snuggly big jumpers, leggings and fluffy socks.


Like so many of us, I was very eagerly awaiting the return of Ed Sheeran and he didn’t disappoint – not one but two cracking songs. I love both of them equally!

And lastly

I’m going to be an Auntie!! I can finally share the news after keeping it quiet for a few weeks. When we went back to Birmingham the weekend before Christmas, my youngest brother and his girlfriend sat both me and my other brother and made us open a card at the same time  – it was the scan photo! We are all really excited for them, especially as it is my first niece or nephew!

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

7 thoughts on “The Girl On The Train, Ed Sheeran and Exciting News #LittleLoves

  1. Congratulations on becoming an Auntie, how wonderful. I also love the Ed Sheeran’s songs – Shape of You is my favourite. I am choreographing a dance to it for work! I read Girl on the Train a year or so ago, and didn’t enjoy it much. Definitely in the minority! Enjoy your weekend xx

  2. I read The Girl on the Train last week and absolutely loved it too, it took me about a day. So addictive! Hope Ben is feeling better now x #littleloves

  3. Congratulations on become an aunt! And I’m glad your boy is all better – wheezing is so scary, isn’t it. I loved The Girl On The Train too but listened to it as an audiobook – definitely could’ve gotten through it a lot faster if I’d actually read it. I’ve got The 33 on my “to-watch” list so I’m glad you’ve said it was good! Hope you had a great weekend 🙂

  4. I loved Girl on the Train but haven’t watched the movie yet – I’m worried it won’t be as good – I always prefer the books to the movies. We have a Tassimo machine too and it does work out really expensive if you don’t limit yourself. We tend to get the discs from Costco as it’s so much cheaper x

  5. Girl On A Train is fantastic isn’t it? I couldn’t put it down. I’m eagerly awaiting the movie being released to rent, though I’ve heard from friends is isn’t as good as the book. It seems that’s often the case though isn’t it?
    Hope you’re having a good week so far. xx

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