Benjamin’s 6 Month Update

Today baby Benjamin is six months old! I’m still struggling to get to grips with the fact that he isn’t a newborn baby anymore.

So what has he been doing since his five month update? Well, he has been practising crawling. He’s got all the elements, now he just needs to put them altogether. He managed to crawl a couple of feet a few weeks ago, and then face planted the floor. He’s also sitting up pretty independently now.


We are well into weaning now, and it’s apparent that this kid loves his food! We are doing a mixture of baby led weaning and puree still. Last weekend I did have to give him jars of baby food because we were away at a wedding, although he did demolish half of my chocolate fudge cake and ice cream.  Talking of ice cream – I think we have discovered his favourite food! Whenever Alex has an ice cream he always leaves the cone. A couple of weeks ago, I gave Ben the cone with some ice cream left in it to see what he would do – he knew exactly what to do! He made almost no mess either. He also loves scrambled eggs, cheese, yorkshire pudding, fromage frais and carrots.


He was last weighed about a fortnight ago at his consultant appointment, which I will be blogging about soon. He weighed almost 16lb – double his birth weight!

He loves playing in his doorway bouncer and is really starting to interact with his big brothers. He watches them and giggles when they do something daft. His favourite toys at the moment are an old fashioned rattle, Sophie the Giraffe and a gel teething ring. He also loves singing – Row the Boat is guaranteed to get a smile from him.



That’s pretty much it for his half-birthday update!!

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