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After months and months of miserable weather, there is no denying that summer is officially upon us. There is nothing like the warmth of the summer sun on your skin, getting to enjoy the long evenings out in your yard, and just making the most of the summertime. However, the summer weather can come with its drawbacks. While you might have had to spend the winter months cranking up the thermostat to avoid your home turning into one huge ice cube, you now have the opposite problem. It can be a complete nightmare trying to get comfortable in your home when the sun is beating down on you all day. As much as you might like to, you can’t spend all of your time relaxing in the sunshine. So what can you do to avoid getting stuck in a home that’s slowly turning into one large oven? Well, there are actually a lot of things that you can do if you want to beat the heat this summer and make your home feel nice and comfortable. Here are just a few simple tips that you can use to feel super cool no matter how hot it gets.

A/C is your friend!

Some people feel a little wary of air conditioning. They feel as though it dries out the air around them and makes their home feel less comfortable overall. Now, there is some validity to those fears, but those are things that you’ll only really need to start worrying about if you have it running twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Embrace the A/C and use it during those periods where even the air outside it too hot to handle. You’ll find that it’s much easier to get things done around the house when you’re not walking around in a constant heat haze. Don’t use it all the time, but there really is nothing like walking into your home after a hard day’s work and feeling the cold, crisp air coming out of the A/C hit your face. It is always vital to have the number of your local air conditioning services to hand just in case you need an urgent repair.

Your biggest fan

Of course, for those who either don’t have A/C or who simply don’t want to use it, there is no limit to how many fans you should have in your home. You should have them positioned throughout the house. Not only are you going to be able to cool down wherever they are pointing, but keeping the air in your home moving is going to make a huge difference to how comfortable you are. There’s nothing worse that hot, stagnant air. It can make it feel hard to breathe, and generally create a dank, unpleasant atmosphere. Here are a few places where you should definitely set up some fans around your house. Your kitchen: there’s nothing worse than cooking dinner for your family and finding yourself drenched in sweat! By your bed: there is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to cool down. You often end up lying on sweat-soaked sheets, completely and utterly unable to cool down and get back to sleep. Having a fan by your bedside can stop you overheating and make it much easier for you to get a good night’s sleep.

Ditch the duvet

Speaking of a good night’s sleep, the summer heat can often make that near impossible. In the winter it can actually be rather nice since you can wrap yourself up in a nice thick duvet and escape the cold for the night. However, when the weather is warm, you have no such luxury. It often feels as though it’s impossible to escape the heat during the night. The first thing that you want to do is to get rid of your duvet. Having nothing but a thin sheet over you while you sleep might feel a little bit odd at first, but it will make things much more comfortable overall. You should also think about the materials that you use for your sheets and pillows. Consider a batiste fabric for a lightweight summer comforter since it’s the kind of material that breathes incredibly well and will help you stay cool even during the hottest summer nights. If you’re really desperate then why not consider sticking your pillow in the freezer for a little while before you go to bed. This might sound a bit drastic, but it can leave your pillow feeling incredibly cool and pleasant to lay your head down on. That way, even if it warms up over the course of the night, you’ll find getting to sleep, and staying asleep, to be much easier than you might otherwise.

Feel the flow

The worst thing about the summer heat when you’re indoors is just how stagnant and still the air can often feel. It can make you feel hazy and uncomfortable, and it’s one of those things that feels impossible to escape a lot of the time. Luckily, there’s one simple solution to this that can make your life a whole lot easier. Get those windows open! Make sure that you have at least one window open in every room in your house. That way, even if the temperature outside isn’t much cooler that it is indoors, you’ll be able to get a decent amount of airflow throughout the house. Use lightweight, sheer curtains so that you can keep the air flowing without having to sacrifice your privacy. After all, it doesn’t matter how hot it gets; no one wants their neighbors peeking in through the windows. Keeping the air in your home moving can not only make it feel less oppressive, but it can lower the temperature by a shocking amount. This is especially effective when you combine it with fans dotted around the house since you often can’t always be sure that there’s enough of a breeze outside to keep the air moving.

A new coat of paint

This is something that you might want to think about doing before things get too hot since doing any kind of DIY job when it’s very hot can be a seriously unpleasant experience. Look at the walls of your home and ask yourself if they could do with being a little bit brighter. This isn’t just an aesthetic decision, although it will certainly help bring more light into your home, it can actually impact the temperature of a room. Darker colours absorb heat while lighter ones reflect it in the same way they do with light. Because of this, it’s much harder to stay cool in a darker room than it is in one where the walls are painted in white or a light cream colour. It’s a simple change and one that a lot of people tend not to even think about, but it really can make a surprising amount of difference.

Sure, there are always going to be those moments where things just get way too hot to handle. If that’s the case, then you and your family should think about taking a page out of the book of many people in Europe and have yourself a siesta. If things get too hot for you to be able to do anything, there’s no reason why you can’t make the house as cool as possible and then have yourselves a little nap! Sleeping through the hottest part of the day is something that many cultures do because otherwise, they would simply be unable to function half the time! That way you’ll be able to use the morning and afternoon as the time to be productive rather than slaving away at the hottest point of the day.

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