I know for many babies and toddlers (and their parents!) bathtime can be a trauamtic experience. We have been really lucky so far – both Harrison and Alex are real water babies and love bathtime. In fact, we usually have temper tantrums when they have to get out of the bath, and quite often Harrison will ask if he can go and have a bath.

Harrison had his first bath at home, when he was three or four days old. We had one of those plastic baby baths and we bathed him in the lounge of our flat. The first few minutes weren’t much fun for any of us, with lots of screaming (him, not us!) but as soon as we started to gently tip the warm water over his head and body he relaxed. As soon as he was out of the bath and wrapped up in a snuggly towel, he went straight to sleep. At four weeks old he had his first shower. We were lucky enough to have a huge shower cubicle seperate to the bath. Daddy got in first and had his shower, then I passed Harrison over to him. He immediately snuggled up into his shoulder and the wam water went straight over him. When I went to take him off daddy, he had fallen asleep! He was quite a colicky baby, but showers always soothed him and calmed him down, so he had a lot of showers!

When he was a few months older, he had to go back to having baths as daddy got a job that meant working lots of nights. I was also pregnant with Alex at this point so didn’t feel safe getting in and out of the shower with a slippery baby, especially as we had moved and had to climb in and out of the bath. It didn’t bother him though, and became a much anticipated part of our evenings. He would sit in the big bath without any sorts of seat, and loved having it deep and bubbly. He had plenty of toys to play with in there. He began to fuss a little bit when it came to hair washing, but I didn’t pander to him and carried on with it, and after a couple of weeks it stoppped bothering him.

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When Alex was born, he had his very first bath in the hospital as he was a bit gungy. Again, once he was actually being washed it didn’t seem to bother him. When he came home I think we gave him just one bath in the baby bath. After that, we simply used a support in the big bath. Daddy would bath Harrison first, and then when all the hair washing was done I would take Alex in and bathed him, and then they would stay in the bath together for a few minutes. Harrison would be splashing Alex who didn’t bat an eyelid.


They now both have a bath together every other night. The baths are deep and bubbly and they both sit and play in there for a good twenty minutes. They help to bath each other by rubbing in the shampoo, and I am sure they will love helping to bath baby Benjamin when he comes along! On the nights they don’t have a bath, they have a quick shower, and quite often have a shower if they’ve been painting or had something messy to eat. They stand in the bath together and love feeling the ‘rain’ as they call it.

I’m really hoping Benjamin loves baths and showers as much as these two. We won’t do anything different – we won’t mess about with a baby bath after the first one or two, letting him go straight into the big bath with his brothers, and giving him a gentle shower once in a while.

What are your tips for a stress-free bathtime?

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  1. We’ve been really lucky too Rach. Both Nicholas and Bradley love a bath. When Nicholas was born he only had a few baths in the baby bath because he was too chunky for it soon after birth☺. He sat in a baby bath seat when he was about 4 months old (usually designed for babies from 6 months). He loved the water even when it was poured over his head. He really enjoyed his first bath with Jay and Matt although we didn’t have many more of them as 3 of them in the bath was a bit too squashed ha ha. He also like you did had a shower with Daddy to see what he was like. At about 5 months old he had a shower while sitting in the bath seat and that was that from then on it was showers all the way. He know at 2 1/2 years old stands in the shower (with no support) on the bath mat and puts his head under the shower and wets his hair and helps to wash his hair and his body. Bradley started off in a baby bath too but is now too long for it. He had his first big bath just yesterday with Nicholas. Anthony held him and I washed him and once that was finished he was trying to move around and even kicking his legs and putting his face by the water. Once we get the baby bath seat back off my sister he will sit in that in the bath with Nicholas and also have a shower in the seat like Nicholas. I think it helps just to get them used to water and different ways of having a wash as soon as possible.

  2. My little one hated the bath for months and months, I tried loads of a different thing to get him to tolerate it but he still cried and cried. After a while he was okay in the bath and after a few weeks a began to love it, and he’s a water baby, he loves bath time and going swimming.

    It’s quite weird how he went from hating it to absolutely loving it! xx

  3. Not something I have experience with, but I always remember my mum bathing my siblings in a baby bath in the lounge so we could all help out and take turns in ensuring said baby was clean x

  4. So cute!! I was lucky and both of mine loved bath time too! When they were teeny tiny, we had a tummy tub which took some getting used to, but they really did love it! 🙂

  5. Aw, such a cute post and your boys look so so happy in the bath. I love the bath too but not too keen on getting my hair wet but it doesn’t mean my big bro stops splashing me and getting it wet haha. Bathing with 3 is going to be crazy but fun at the same time x Ax

  6. We have also been really lucky with 2 complete water babies! James loves having a deep bubbly bath and Evelyn also loves having a deep warm bath (although she cant get in with her brother just yet as he likes lots of bubbles and she has a bit of eczema. Its great that your little ones can enjoy the bath together! xx

  7. All three of mine were water babies. It’s now they’re getting older that the battle to get them to have a bath starts! What is it with kids not wanting to get clean?!

  8. Both of my children enjoy their baths and always have done. We never bothered with a baby bath with Sophia, we held and bathed her in our big bath from the start. She loved floating around in it. We bought a baby bath for Dexter though, mainly so that Sophia could help me bathe him easily. They both like splashing about.

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