5 Great Gift Ideas For Your Boss

With the holidays fast approaching, you’re probably busy looking for the perfect gift for everyone on your list. There are some people who are easy, and you know exactly what to get them, but if you’re anything like me, you tend to put off shopping for the more difficult people until the last minute. This, of course, only makes it harder to find the right gift.

One of the hardest people to shop for can be your boss. Perhaps you don’t know them super well because you don’t work closely with them all that often. Perhaps you do know them well but aren’t sure what would make an appropriate gift. There can be a fine line between gift giving and brown nosing – and you certainly don’t want to cross it.

Ifyou’re struggling with what to get your boss this holiday season, check outsome of the ideas below. Even if none of them are a perfect fit, they may be a starting point for other ideas.

  1. Customized Office Swag

Customized  office swag can make a great gift for your boss: it is well within the professional/work sphere and is something they can use often. Plus, it can be made with any design. You could use the company logo, your boss’s name and title, or even a picture of a recent successful project.

There are tons of companies out there like Custom Ink and Printkick that offer personalization on a wide variety of items – most people think this is reserved for T-shirts and clothing, but there are many other options. Items that can be customized include pens, travel mugs, notebooks, bags, and even candy wrappers.

  • A Candy Jar

Everyone loves candy – you pretty much can’t go wrong with giving it as a gift. You can buy pre-filled jars or fill a cute container or jar with the candy of your choosing. If you know your boss’s favorite, this can be a good and inexpensive way to show your boss that you know them well without coming across as a suck-up.

If your boss is, for some reason, opposed to candy, tins of popcorn are usually another safe bet.

  • A Fruit Basket

While we’re in the ‘food gifts’ category, fruit baskets or arrangements can also be a good choice. They’re delicious and slightly more expensive than a jar of candy, but not so personal as to come off the wrong way.

If your boss likes chocolate, you can’t go wrong with chocolate covered fruit pieces –especially strawberries and bananas. Edible Arrangements and Sherries Berries are some of the best companies to order from.

  • A Desk Fan or Heater

Most offices are either freezing cold or boiling hot – or, if your office is like mine, you get both, depending on the time of year. A small personal heater or fan that can be placed on or under the desk can make a world of difference for someone who has to sit there all day.

Desk fans or heaters are usually pretty cheap, and receiving one as a gift might even inspire your boss to do something about the office temperatures! But they are also a thoughtful gift, showing that you notice and care about your boss –and the more comfortable your boss is all day, the happier they’ll be. The happier they are, the happier you are. It’s a win-win!

  • A Commemorative Plaque

Since the holidays are so close to the New Year, a commemorative plaque can also make a great gift. It’s a chance to reflect on any challenges and accomplishments from the past year and show your boss appreciation for how they handled them.

This kind of gift is best given as a joint gift, preferably from everyone in the office. Everyone can chip in a small piece and present it to your boss at the company holiday party – it will definitely be something your boss will always remember.

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