5 Easy Steps To A Cosy Home

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Almost everyone wants to return to a warm, comfortable and inviting home. However, between working, cooking, cleaning and having a social life, it might feel like an impossible feat to create a home you love and keep it clean and cosy.

The good news is, there are many hassle-free ways to create a relaxing home both you and your friends will love. Here are five easy steps to a cosy home you and your friends will absolutely love.

Step One: Create a Warm Welcome

If you want to experience a festive feeling the moment you step inside your home, consider decorating your hallway for a warm welcome, regardless of the time of year. Add a mirror for extra light and elegance, and if size permits it, have a few ornaments or a potted plant in the entryway. Make sure you have a place for people to put their shoes so that they do not clutter at the front door.

Step Two: Make a Feature of the Fireplace

If you long to curl up in front of the fire on a cold, spring evening, make a focal point of your living room’s fireplace. For example, keep it simple, or if you want to emit as much warmth as possible, have a log burner – ideal for you to snuggle in front of.

Step Three: Light a Candle

Burning a candle is a classic way to create a cosy, joyous mood during evenings, as it can emit a soft glow that makes you unwind and relax. A soothing fragrance can also fill your home with a beautiful, inviting aroma, which will indicate to both you and any guests who may head over. Visit Pairfum to find luxury-scented candles that will improve your home’s ambience throughout the year.

Step Four: Add Throws and Pillows

Chunky knits, comfy throws, and luxurious pillows will all add a touch of warmth and a pop of colour throughout your house this spring. Select neutral colours and soft, lavish textures so that you can hide beneath the throws for a calming night in. When the temperature starts to increase, replace these throws with a throw made from a thinner material. You can even swap out your pillows for ones in more summery colours like a sea breeze blue or pastel pink.

Textures and a palette of soft neutral colours can be remarkably cocooning, making for a beautiful environment you will never want to leave.

Step Five: Invest in a Corner Sofa

An L-shaped sofa is not only a superb way to add more seating to your room, but it also allows for you to lounge and unwind completely. When on your own, relax in a haven of cushions, throws and the corner of the sofa with your feet up, and then when you have guests over, a corner sofa can offer a sense of togetherness so that everyone is sat in close proximity, helping make great conversation.

Your home is meant to be designed for you – your tastes, wants and needs. Make sure you cater to yourself and build the cosy home of your dreams.

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