4 Rules For Visiting Thailand With Kids

When you picture Thailand you’re probably thinking of the party atmosphere in Bangkok and people on gap years letting loose. You aren’t likely to imagine a country that’s perfect for family getaways but that’s where you’re wrong. Thailand is actually a great place to take the kids because they’ll get to experience a culture so wildly different from their own and learn a lot about the world. You should definitely add it to your bucket list if you’ve never thought about it before. If you’re still sceptical about the idea of taking kids to Thailand, here are some helpful tips to put your mind at ease.

Get A Direct Flight

The cheapest flights to Asia will usually have a stop off somewhere in the middle. If it’s just the adults, this is the best way to go because it’ll save you a big chunk of money. But when you’ve got the kids in tow, you should think about paying the extra for a direct flight. It’s already going to be a long flight for them and if they have to wait around in an airport for 5 hours in between flights, they’ll quickly become restless.

Luxury Accommodation

Another typical idea that people have about Thailand and most other Asian countries is that the accommodation is very basic. That’s true in some areas but that doesn’t mean you can’t find somewhere comfortable. You don’t want the kids to be staying somewhere that they’re going to complain about so it’s better to stay in one of the luxury resorts like Marriott’s Phuket Beach Club. There are plenty of restaurants and bars on site, as well as a spa if you fancy a day of relaxation. Thailand can be an overwhelming country, especially for children, so having some comfortable, luxury accommodation where you can escape after a long day is always a good idea.

Leave Bangkok Until The End

While it’s famous for its party atmosphere in the evenings, Bangkok is still a great city for kids and you can’t miss it while you’re out there. Having said that, it’s probably best to go at the end of the trip rather than the beginning. Like I said before, Thailand is an overwhelming place for kids and Bangkok is particularly lively. You should wait until later on in the trip when the kids are more used to the country and they’ll feel more comfortable going to Bangkok.

Encourage Them To Eat Thai Food

There is a lot of western influence in Thailand because of all of the tourism so finding western food is pretty easy. But make sure you don’t just let the kids eat that the whole time because they’ll be missing out on a new experience, which is what travel is all about. Pad Thai is a good introduction for them because it isn’t too spicy. Most places in Thailand will also do you a more mild version of most dishes if you ask them to.

Follow these tips and you can have a great family travel experience in Thailand.

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  1. Never really thought of thailand as a holiday destination for families holidays might revise tgat thought

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