You don’t have to lose yourself while being a mom

It’s easy for new moms to lose themselves while executing their motherly duties. Understandably, you just want to be there for your newborn, to be the best mom for them, to protect and give them all the attention they need.

Sadly, many mothers neglect their own needs in this process. Have you ever felt extremely exhausted and frustrated to the point of feeling anger at your baby and husband? It’s not that you’re a bad person. Perhaps, you just haven’t paid as much attention to your physical and mental health needs as you deserve.

Self-care for mothers isn’t optional. To be the best mom for your child requires that you’re mentally and physically up to the task, which in turn demands that you care for your own needs.

So what are some ways to care for yourself as a caring mom?

In a baby bubble

1. Spend time with hubby

It’s easy to devote 100 percent of your time and zero to your spouse when the baby arrives. Naturally, breastfeeding improves a mother’s sense of well-being and contentment, and that may diminish your need for intimacy with your spouse.

But think about it; your baby should bring you closer, not apart. Your spouse might not be too happy with the neglect. If you were intimate before the baby came, it’s only fair to continue in that path to keep your relationship burning bright.

2. Pamper yourself

When you take care of your own needs by resting, spending time in a hot bath, maintaining your skin and hair and eating well, you feel healthier and happier. This is precisely how you want to feel when caring for your newborn: with smiles, joy, and energy. Not with fatigue and anger. When you feel good, you’ll feel energetic to better care for your baby and family.

3. Get back your physique

Has pregnancy and childbirth stolen that amazing physique you’ve worked so hard to get? That’s understandable. But becoming a mom doesn’t mean you should lose yourself, or your beauty.

Unfortunately, finding time to work out may not be so easy during this time, so it may take a while before you can burn off the weight you gained during pregnancy. A Mommy Makeover by Dr. Evan Beale can help you get back that amazing figure you had before pregnancy. The non-invasive procedure will typically include tummy tuck and breast lift/augmentation to give you back a tight tummy, youthful, perky breasts, and a confidence boost.

A Mommy Makeover also helps you eliminate loose skin and stretch marks from pregnancy that fitness training wouldn’t be very effective against.

4. Give your brain a boost

Reading and writing are therapeutic. Especially for stay-at-home moms, reading and journaling are great ways to keep your mind stimulated while relaxing after the morning chores. Consider meditating for at least 10 minutes daily or playing crossword puzzles for a mental boost.


Do the things you always loved

There were things that got your juices flowing before you gave birth. Things that uplift your spirit and make you feel alive. It could be dancing, singing along to your favorite songs, playing games with hubby, strumming your guitar, painting, or gardening.

You can fix these things into your resting hours. You can sing while feeding your baby and paint while they sleep.

However busy life gets, finding time for the things you love would is what energizes you for the days ahead.

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