Why Is Italian Dual Citizenship Worth Pursuing

Over the years, mindsets and lifestyles have changed. People are open to the idea of exploring new possibilities across the borders, making immigration a popular option. When it comes to immigration and citizenship, some destinations have an edge. Italy is among the acclaimed dual citizenship destinations for Americans, and there are valid reasons for its popularity. You can get in touch with the team of ItalianCitizenshipbyDescent.com to know how it works. Before going ahead, you must also understand why Italian dual citizenship is worth pursuing. Here are the reasons that make it worthwhile. 

Pass on the rights to the next generations

The best thing about Italian dual citizenship is that your minor children get it automatically. They need not go through additional formality to claim the right as an individual. The process is uncomplicated as you only need to register their birth records with the relevant consulate. The rights pass on to your future generations, so your entire bloodline gets the benefits without extra work. It is a new beginning for your family and the generations to come. 

Travel across the EU without restrictions

An Italian citizen becomes a European citizen by default. You become eligible for visa-free entry to the member states of the EU. Travel becomes restriction-free as you need not wait in passport and border control lines. Not surprisingly, the Italian passport is considered one of the most powerful in the world. It offers visa-free access to 193 countries. Moreover, it ranks 4th according to The Henley Passport Index. It is far ahead of the American passport, which sits on number 8. 

Free healthcare and quality education

Italy has a free universal healthcare system that is also one of the best in Europe. It means you can access it as a resident or citizen, making the country a choices immigration destination. The best part is that you get care coverage even if you reside in or while visiting an EU member state. The country also offers quality education and has state and private universities. Besides having an excellent reputation on an international scale, these universities do not charge a fortune for their courses. This way, Italy makes a great place for retirees and young families alike.

Diverse citizenship routes

Getting Italian citizenship is relatively easy because you have diverse options. You can get in through the descent route if you have ancestral roots here. Marriage to a local is another option for aspiring immigrants. You can apply for naturalization after completing ten years in the country as a resident. The country also has a Golden Visa program that gets you residency status via investment. You can live and work here and apply for naturalization down the line. An expert can guide you about the eligibility criteria for each option and suggest the ideal one. 

Italy is an excellent immigration destination, and thousands of Americans try their luck every year. You can pick a citizenship route that works for you to start a dream life in this incredible country. 

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