Top 8 Things You Need to Make Your Landscapes Safer and Fire Proof

Ever wondered what it takes to make your landscape safe and fireproof? Well, you don’t need to drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out. We have a list of 8 things that can help you ensure that your landscapes are safer and also fireproof. If you find that your landscape lacks some or all of these safety measures, you can incorporate some of them into your already existing landscape. Having a landscape in your residential or commercial building is a privilege that you need to take responsibility for. If you have a landscape that is not safe and fireproof, you’re only risking the lives of the residents of the building.

Be Careful With Thorns And Cacti

If you have a beautiful outdoor landscape in a residential building where children are constantly playing in the compound, you need to be very careful with thorny plants, bushes, and flower beds, and cacti plants. Such thorny plants and flowers can prove to be extremely dangerous for children. Imagine if a child who is playing and he suddenly falls over right into the thorny bushes, that would prove to be a disastrous situation. Not only will the child end up having terrible cuts and scrapes, but he may even end up having his eye poked out with big thorns. To avoid such mishaps, the best thing to do would be to ensure that thorny plants are enclosed in a fenced area. The fence should be long enough to prevent anyone from falling into the bushes and plants.

Ensure That Your Landscape Has Some Stones, Rocks, And Gravel

Besides having decorative a purpose, stones and gravel can even prove to be fire resistant. If you’re looking for affordable fireproof decorative items that can help enhance the character of your landscape and at the same time keep your landscape safe from mishaps, gravel, and stone is the way to go. Gravel and stone are fire resistant materials that stop the spread and prevent the onset of fires. Additionally, gravel pathways and walkways in your landscape can also prove to be anti-skid surfaces. Concrete walkways tend to get very slippery in the rains and can cause mishaps where people slip, fall and end up hurting themselves or even breaking their bones. Thus, gravel and stone can make your landscape safe in more ways than one.

Installing Faux Plants For Fire Safety

Another great way to make your landscape fire resistant and safe is by installing some fire resistant and faux plants in the area. You can opt for lovely fake fall trees, artificial bonsai plants, and other such landscaping options. A lot of people even select fake moss carpet options for their residential and commercial buildings. Office buildings look fantastic when the interior landscape is decorated with faux boxwood mat options. Nowadays, there are several faux plant and tree brands that sell fake landscaping products that are fire-resistant. Installing fire-resistant artificial vines and faux flowers and plants will make your landscape safe.

Water Plants Are A No-No But Waterbodies Are Always Welcome!

While water plants may look absolutely stunning and fabulous, they can prove to be a major safety hazard. Water plants like lucky water bamboos are always immersed in a bowl or a container of water. If the water is not cleaned and replaced on a weekly basis, it will become stagnant and will begin to attract mosquitoes. Mosquitoes carry with them the deadliest and lethal of diseases like malaria and dengue. Hence, installing water plants that are not maintained properly on a regular basis may prove to be counter-effective to your safety. On the other hand, flowing water bodies are always welcome in any landscape. Small koi ponds, waterfalls, and other such options will end up making your landscape fire resistant. The water in the water bodies will prevent the start and spread of any fire in your landscape.

Clear Out Debris From Your Landscape

If you want your landscape to be safe and fire-resistant you need to clear out any unnecessary debris that may be lying around in the area. Debris, in this case, would include fallen branches, dead and dry leaves, twigs, and other such stuff. Dead leaves and twigs can prove to be highly and easily flammable and can increase the chances of your landscape catching fires. Further, fallen branches around the landscape can prove to be dangerous because people can trip over them while walking, or children can fall over them when playing in the area.

Installing Proper Lighting In The Landscape Area

Making sure that you install proper lighting for the landscape is essential for the safety of the building residents. You can consider installing motion-sensitive lighting that comes on when someone walks into the landscape area in the night or after sundown. Being able to see clearly with the lights can prove to be effective for the safety of the residents because they won’t end up tripping and falling over bushes and potted plants. You can even line the walkway with solar lights for the safety of the residents.

Make Sure The Landscape Is Well Maintained

A landscape that is growing out of control can prove to be very dangerous for more reasons than one. Firstly, the unruly and wild growth of plants and trees can make your landscape susceptible to fires. Secondly, the wild growth of trees, plants, and bushes can increase the crime rate in your building. Criminals and burglars will find it much easier to hide behind the thick foliage. Hence, regular trimming and cutting of trees, plants, and bushes are essential for safety.

Opt For Fire Resistant Plants

Last but not least, fire-resistant plants are essential for the overall safety of your landscape. If you opt for plants like succulents that retain water and moisture, your landscape will automatically become less susceptible to fires.

As you can see, making sure your landscape is safe and fireproof is very simple. All you need to do is incorporate a few basic changes and nips and tucks in your landscape, and you and the residents of the building are safe from harm’s way.

If you’re looking out for affordable and practical fire-resistant landscape ideas, just follow these decor upgrades tips and suggestions that we have for you. You will be extremely impressed with the transformation and increased safety in your landscape.

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