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School can be truly the best years of your child’s life, engaging, exciting and fun. However, we can’t deny the fact that for many kids (and for a varying number of reasons) school can be incredibly difficult. As a parent it can be difficult to know what to do, we aren’t inside the classroom despite how much we might sometimes wish to be a fly on the wall! Teaching assistants can make a real difference for those children who find their school day more difficult than their peers, and indeed even those who thrive in the school environment. Here are some of the reasons why they are sometimes described as the “unsung heroes” of the classroom!

More one on one

Teachers are human beings too, and every student is different- meaning that every one of the students requires a different kind of attention. Unfortunately though, when one teacher is facing a class with more than 20 children in it, dividing the attention appropriately becomes harder. In come the teaching assistants! What the class teacher cannot get to in that moment, he/she knows that the teaching assistant has them covered. In fact, with two teachers roaming through the classroom, your child is definitely looking at more attention and one on one support.

Double It

With a teaching assistant present, double everything related to the classroom and teaching. Not only is the classroom double the fun, but students and teachers get things done quicker too! In fact, what used to take more time before- like correcting spelling tests or homework- can be done in half of the time thanks to the pair of extra hands helping with corrections. During the school day, knowing that there are two pairs of eyes watching over and teaching the students is a great improvement too, both for the students and the teachers themselves.

Overall importance

Having teaching assistants presents not only increases the students’ and teacher’s productivity, but it also improves the overall positivity in the classroom; when everything runs smoothly, much more is accomplished! By helping everybody out in the classroom, hardly anything goes unnoticed. Whether that be helping to organise the daily lesson plan, putting away toys, following through with students after class, talking to parents, or even just taking control of the classroom while the teacher has to momentarily leave the classroom, teaching assistants benefit all.

Are you the next teaching assistant?

If you feel that this job might be your calling, your future is waiting for you right around the corner. Among today’s many resources, online job sites help list the various teaching assistant jobs in your local area, so finding a position near you is even easier. Getting the chance of supporting children with their learning (both social and educational) is truly unique, and knowing that you will most likely be remembered by the students for a long time makes the career even better. Not only is the job a great way to equally split your time between family and work, but also knowing that you most likely get your summers off is a definite extra benefit! Finding a career, which can work around your child’s school day, can be tough, and at times overwhelming. Perhaps this is why so many teaching assistants working today are themselves parents with kids in school who wanted to find a rewarding career to fit into their family life.

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