My Interactive Friend Mickey | Review

Mickey Mouse is a favourite in this house. The kids love watching Clubhouse every morning whilst they’re eating breakfast, so you can imagine the excitement when we were sent a My Interactive Friend Mickey to review.

My Interactive Friend Mickey

Mickey sings, dances, jumps and says over 70 words and phrases, and even follows commands. The boys were so excited when they realised they could tell him what to do! They can tell him to dance, jump, sing and much more.


It is a bit hit and miss as to which of the 15 voice commands he responds to but if he does an action you don’t want him to do, you can stop it by pressing his hand again. This is particularly useful when Benjamin has told him to sing 15 times in a row! If Mickey does get a bit too much for you, he does have an off switch. It’s hard to get too annoyed by it though – it’s so cute.

My Interactive Friend Mickey

At 37.5cm tall, it’s a good size to play with and even on the carpet, it seems to stand up okay and jump without falling over. If you buy the My Interactive Friend Minnie, the two toys will interact with each other. We only have the one, so I can’t comment on how good that is but it sounds like it would be lots of fun. It comes with the 3 AA batteries it needs to work (always a good thing – we’ve never got the right batteries in!)

My Interactive Friend Mickey

The My Interactive Friend Mickey has a RRP of just under £40, which sounds quite expensive, but I think there is a fair bit of play value in this, so worth it. It’s available from Amazon and various other retailers.

*We were sent this product for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are our own. 

One thought on “My Interactive Friend Mickey | Review”

  1. He’s so CUTE

    Think I’ll get one for my nephew so I can play too

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