A letter to my little brother on his wedding day

Dear Tom,

You probably won’t read this today – you’ll fall out of the bed at the last possible minute before running around flapping about something and putting an entire tub of wax or gel, or whatever you use on your hair (make the most of that hair bro, just look at Simon and dad!) before it’s time to head to the hotel for the biggest day of your life. Just remember you’re getting married at 2pm – try to be there before then. Punctuality has never been your strongest point!

You’re only 25, yet already you have achieved so much. You’ve got your own home, a flash car, a good job, you’re the dad to my beautiful nephew and in a few hours, you’ll be married to the girl you’ve loved for almost a decade. I know that all of us are so incredibly proud of you.

I know I don’t need to say it but look after Kim. You’ve got a good one there. She’s picked you up pissed more times than I can remember and puts up with your strops over peas being in tuna pasta bake rather than sweetcorn (that’s definitely a Cooper trait!). She’s also the mother of your beautiful little boy, Freddie. Talking of Freddie – you suit fatherhood. Watching you push his pram when you came to Wales for the day was lovely. You looked so proud of him. He’s going to grow up watching you, copying you. You’re his daddy, his role model, his hero. Remember that.

So, today, as you become a proper grown up (yeah, right!), I thought it was only fitting that we had a look back on some pictures of you throughout the years.

I really hope (and I’m pretty sure I can say this on behalf of the rest of the family as well) that today is as amazing as it can possibly be, but most of all, I hope you and Kim have a lifetime of happiness together.

I love you, little bro.

Rach xx

PS. I’m sorry, I just had to include the cross-dressing picture!




3 thoughts on “A letter to my little brother on his wedding day”

  1. Aww bless him, this is lovely. I hope you all have a wonderful day. Who needs a best man when you’ve got a sister who will show the whole world a photo of you dressed as a girl?? 😉

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